Family Matching Event Virtual Family Matching Event 6/7/2023

Sean and Maurina
We would like to adopt one or two girls that are 0-8 years old of any race. We plan to honor their race and culture by learning all we can. We KNOW that being connected to race & culture are crucial for their development and identity. We plan to find groups and people who look like them to be part of their lives as well. We plan to let them maintain previous connections and relationships. It will do more damage to cut them off and they NEED those people in their lives as long as it is healthy and...
Michael and Elizabeth
We Want You ... If You Want Us. Let's Match ! We welcome any child(ren), our perfect match would be a single child or a sibling group (up to 6 as we have 3 bedrooms available), we also have no age restriction. Special needs may range from none to mild, moderate, or severe, however, we are unable to care for a child needing severe medical care due to both of us still working full time. Race is unimportant but we prefer white or Hispanic which matches our families heritage. We will welcome the...
Nicolette and Kenneth
We continue to be hopeful and excited for a child between the ages of 8 to 13. At this time, we are open to either gender with moderate issues. Living in a community with excellent schools, beautiful parks and an abundance of activities. We hope to enrich their life and help them to discover their potential. We do understand the importance of family connections, as we value our family relationships, and would help maintain any existing connections. We are an adventurous and active family, always open to...

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