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      Mentors and children attend regular classes and are given a curriculum covering basic life skills.
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Can youth have photo taken?
If child wants a photo, and you have legal responsibility for consent, do you give A Family For Every Child permission to take photos of this youth to use the image in promoting the mentor program?
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Is the youth legally free?
What is the case plan for the child? Where do you see it heading?
Can you tell us a little about the characteristics which make this child special?
Are the parent(s) of this child incarcerated?
If so, which parent?
Since you know the youth and her preferences, can you give us general guidance? We anticipate interviewing the youth to become more familiar with her. Help us to ask the right questions! Can you relate any relevant events in the youth's history?
Why might you recommend a mentor? What benefits do you foresee from having a mentor in the youth's life? If you anticipate that she will have certain positive experiences or you have particular expectations, this is a good place to mention those...
Does she like school?
What is her favorite subjects in school?
What is her least favorite subject in school?
What subject her most challenging in school?
What is her type of favorite food?
What types of outdoor activities does she like?
Do she like to read? Which books?
Are there indoor activities that she wants to try?
Does she participate in sports? Which ones?
Do you have any idea what she would like to be when she grows up?
What do you think this mentor should already know about?
Is there anything that she wants to learn or have lessons about?
What animals does she like or would she like?
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What makes her embarrassed or scared?
What type of mentor would she like?
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Additional Notes: Are there any behaviors or safety concerns that a mentor should be aware of? Please provide as much as you would like the mentor to know that would be helpful in relating to the youth.
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