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Tyler OH1261

Ohio Child

Tyler is an energetic and sweet boy that would like an active family with pets or a few brothers he can play with. He loves to be outside where he can swim, ride his bike, shoot some hoops or jump on the trampoline. Tyler is on a basketball team and will play any position because he just likes to be in the game and run around with his friends.


Besides spending time outside and playing sports, Tyler also...

Birth Date:02/2003
Kevin DE643

Delaware Child

Kevin is a sweet, quiet, and friendly boy in need of a loving, nurturing family. He loves basketball and playing outside. Kevin is always thinking of others. He asks if adults need help and frequently shows respect towards them. Kevin is very close to his brother and sisters and thinks about them often. He is thoughtful and deserving of a wonderful family. His hobbies consists of playing basketball and playing on his tablet. When Kevin...

Birth Date:10/2008
Jorge, Addiel and Diego CA916
PlacedJorge, Addiel and  Diego

California Children


Meet this adorable trio, Jorge, Addiel, and Diego!

Jorge is an adorable young man, and the big brother of the group.  He enjoys playing with his brothers and watching Power Rangers during his free time. Jorge not only loves to watch his favorite heroes but also likes to engage in pretend play and act out their moves.  Outside is his favorite place to play and if sports are available...

Birth Dates:12/2012 12/2015 04/2017

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