Gabriel Gabriel
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Texas Child

"I'm playful, energetic, and I love exploring new things."

Gabriel is a kind child who loves to explore new places. He likes to keep to himself when he gets upset, but shows affectionate by giving hugs and kisses. Gabriel interacts well with his peers and the adults in his home and school. He enjoys going to school and being engaged in school and community activities. Gabriel's favorite toys are those that make music and light up. He is often smiling and enjoys playing with his brothers. Gabriel is very bonded to his brothers and an older sister, who are not part of this adoption. He needs a forever family that is willing and able to arrange continued sibling contact.

Gabriel will benefit from continuity and predictability in his environment. He needs a family who is able to handle his individualized needs and who will show him patience, guidance, and love. Gabriel needs a stable and nurturing family environment that will meet all of his needs.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.