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Texas Child

"Do you have space in your heart for a special girl like me?"

Reighan is a delightful child who loves to explore her environment to the best of her ability. She loves to listen to music and sometimes giggles to the top of her lungs with excitement. Reighan is nonverbal and will let you know her needs and wants with nonverbal cues. She scoots around so she can discover new things in her surroundings. Reighan loves to be affectionate and is a special girl with a huge heart. She likes spending time sitting or scooting around on the floor instead of using her wheelchair or walker because she can more easily move about. Reighan is receiving nursing, PT, OT, and speech therapy services. She has certain tactile awareness and knows right away if she doesn't like the feel of a toy because she will toss it aside. Reighan loves school and her class loves her as her spirit is bright and she lights up a room with her smile. Reighan is an absolute delight!

Reighan needs a family who will support, motivate, and encourage her. She needs a family who will be affectionate and loving toward her and understand her needs. Reighan also needs a family who has extensive experience with children with physical and developmental needs. The ideal family for Reighan will advocate for her and obtain the services that she needs. She needs need a family who will commit to her long term. Reighan need a family who understands the important of diet and the procedures for feeding with a g-tube.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.