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Texas Child


"I like Pokémon! I am funny!"

Cody is a friendly youth with a great sense of humor. He often makes jokes or says funny things. Cody has an inquisitive nature, history is one of the subjects he likes to ask questions about. Cody loves to play with paper and he can make anything he imagines, including airplanes, rocket ships, and dinosaurs. Cody enjoys collecting and playing with Pokémon cards, Star Wars, and trucks. He loves eating pizza, taquitos, and enchiladas. Cody is active and needs space to move around.  He is learning about physical boundaries. He needs consistent and close supervision to ensure his safety. Cody very much wants to be adopted. He has big ideas and lots of creativity to share with a family.

Cody is ready to join his adoptive family. He has shown he is resilient and continues to hope for his forever family. He hopes his family will have plenty of outdoor space where he can play and explore or be willing to take him to the park. Cody will do best with a family that has experience working with children with special needs. If there are other children in the home, older children will be best. Cody will do best with a family who has a strong support system. His greatest struggles are in the educational realm, so his family will need to advocate for him to ensure his educational needs are met. Cody is open to any type of family and is not particular about if his family lives in the city or the country. He has brothers who he communicates with via Skype. One of the most important qualities for Cody's adoptive family is that they live in an area that has supportive services for his specific needs.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services