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California Child


Meet Lluvia!

Lluvia is a very friendly teen who loves engaging in conversation on things that are of interest to her. She can be energetic and enjoys playing soccer and she was very committed to her soccer team when she was at her previous school. Lluvia enjoys learning about sports and was interested in considering playing volleyball. Like most teens her age, Lluvia likes spending time with her friends whenever possible and gets along well with others. She’s also into being on social media on the phone whether it be to communicate with friends or catch up on what’s new and trendy. When it comes to food, she likes traditional home-cooked meals and the occasional fast-food meal. Lluvia likes school and is working on improving her class participation and grades as she realizes that she needs all her credits in order to graduate high school and be able to attend college. Lluvia has a goal to attend college and she currently thinks that becoming a pediatrician would be a dream job. 

Lluvia longs to be in a family where she is loved, supported and understood. If Lluvia sounds like the kind of teen you’ve been considering adding to your family, let us know. We want Lluvia to land in her family-to-be soon!