Max and  Sophia
  • Names:
    Max and Sophia
  • Ages:
    13 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Bulletin#

California Children


If expanding your family is part of the plan, we may have just the two to make it all go right!  Meet Max and Sophia!

Maximino, also called Max, is an energetic boy who’s always up for a new adventure. He enjoys going to the park for walks or runs, swinging on the swings, or just playing with his friends. Maximino has also tried his hand(s) at boxing which he enjoys and which helps to burn off some of his energy. Maximino likes a lot of different foods but has a particular fondness for quesadillas. Like most children his age, he enjoys playing video games and knows how to handle technology well. He also likes watching action hero shows. Maximino likes going to school and is doing okay in his classes, even though at times he struggles to complete assignments. He is receiving assistance thru the school to help him with his academic progress. Maximino is able to make friends at school and continues to work on personal boundaries and expressing his emotions in a positive manner – factors that can have a negative impact on relationships. 

Sophia has a warm smile that can melt the hearts of those around her. She, like her brother, is full of energy and likes to be active, which requires some redirection at times. Although energetic, Sophia also enjoys some quiet time for painting or going to the library and taking books home to read. Sophia likes cooking with her caregiver, and she is able to make her own bed and clean up after herself. Sophia has a good appetite and enjoys eating carne asada whenever possible, be it at home or from a local ‘taqueria’. Sophia likes going to school and learning about the various subjects but has struggled at times with getting her school work done. Sophia has shared that she would like to be adopted by someone who has animals as she loves to care for animals and would like to go to college and pursue a career as a Veterinarian. 

Max and Sophia are bilingual siblings and hope to find a family that will keep them together and give them the love and stability they need. If you think your family is ready to make the choice and take in Maximino and Sophia, please let us know. We want to help them find the right fit in a future forever family.