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Arizona Child


Esdras is a happy and friendly little boy. Esdras loves drawing and is very talented for his age. Esdras is very good at drawing as well as the drawing being a calming activity for Esdras.  He loves dogs and all animals of all types and enjoys playing outside.

Esdras would like a home with a mom and a dad and pets. Esdras enjoys other children, and needs a higher level of attention and supervision so older children without any special needs would be beneficial in Esdras’ future family.

A family who has knowledge/experience of children with Autism would be important for Esdras. A family who understands that some level of supervision or even long term care that some children with Autism and delays require will also be a best for Esdras. Families who are able to continue developmental disability supports such as Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy as well as behavior coaching and play therapy counseling will be beneficial for Esdras.

Esdras has shown good improvements in his skills with his current placement, so his team is seeking a family who can continue this excellent level of involved and loving care for Esdras to achieve his highest potential.