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Arizona Child


Meet Brian!  He is an insightful, caring and active young man who loves camping and fishing. One of Brian's supports described a time when Brian bought stuffed animals from a yard sale to give to each person at a senior center.

In his spare time, Brian finds pleasure in playing chess and carving objects such as little people from wood.  Brian is very imaginative and is adept at writing stories and building robots, tanks and cars out of Legos. Brian dreams of becoming a chef or an artist when he gets older because he likes expressing his creativity and cooking for people.

Brian describes himself as helpful and kind to others. He responds well to structure and would thrive in a loving two-parent household, with only one or two siblings (who are preferably older). He would do best in a family who will support him with his educational challenges and help him continue to learn proper boundaries. He also would love to be in a home with dogs if possible.