Adriana, Anthony and  Koby
Adriana, Anthony and  Koby Adriana, Anthony and  Koby Adriana, Anthony and  Koby
  • Names:
    Adriana, Anthony and Koby
  • Ages:
    13, 10 and 9
  • Genders:
    Female, Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children

"We like to do fun things, hope you do too!"

Introducing Adrianna, AJ, and Koby; a sister and brothers’ team full of love and childish fun! These children are looking for a forever family who will offer them the commitment of a lifetime and all the care and love to go with it. They are full of hope as they anticipate what is just around every corner and every turn life gives. The siblings are each athletic and enjoy sports. They love to share laughs and jokes with their peers. Adrianna, AJ, and Koby are always up for a new challenge and giving it their best shot. This trio is looking forward to family who will pick a date and take them out to the local hibachi grill and then to a football or basketball game. They hope to have a family who will give them that opportunity. Adrianna is a sweet girl who follows rules. She enjoys spending time with her peers and being outside. Adrianna likes playing volleyball and is in the school band. AJ is shy at first until he warms up to new people. This is not to say he isn’t loud and playful, because he can be outgoing when he feels at ease. He likes sports and video games. Koby, too can be shy at first, but is a pretty outgoing kid. At times, he can be easily distracted and impatient. Koby is athletic and loves playing sports. He likes to be outside with his friends and football is his favorite. He has skills! Adrianna, being the oldest and only girl, tends to keep to herself more. AJ and Koby like to play with their Beyblade toys and Fortnite video games together.


"I am nice and like to keep busy with fun things to do."

Adriana is sweet youth who has everything going for her. Some of her great qualities are that she is organized and keeps herself busy. She likes to have her belongings orderly and in place. Adriana is talented. She loves crafts and is very good at decorating. She loves to draw. Adriana created gifts for her brothers’ birthdays. She is easy to get along with, especially when things are going her way. She makes a great hostess! Adrianna likes both spending time with others and relaxing alone sometimes. Adriana enjoys going shopping and out places with her family. She likes to watch Netflix shows and play video games. Adriana is a tender hearted, caring person. Adriana likes music and sports. She plays the trumpet in the band at school. Last year, she played the clarinet. She is also on the volleyball team. She has a lot of fun playing and cares about winning. Adriana does gymnastics. Adriana is a good student who likes to read. She says she kind of likes English and math is not her favorite. Adriana tends to be helpful and follows rules. She makes friends easily at school and church. Adrianna would like to be a doctor and travel, helping people when she grows up.

Adriana will do well with a family who offers patience and nurturing. A family who will encourage Adriana to be herself and continue to help her reach her goals is ideal. Adriana’s family will speak uplifting, affirming words to help bring out the best in her. Her family will enjoy participating in a variety of activities together. She would like parents who are understanding, faithful people. Adriana would like other children as siblings, close in age to play and spend time with.


"I may be quiet, but I'm a really fun kid."

Anthony, who goes by AJ, is a pretty low-key child. He loves electronics (games), board games, playing with other children, and outside fun. Teachers at AJ's last school are great admirers of his. The teachers talked about how smart and well-behaved AJ is. He does well academically, and his favorite subject is reading. He makes friends, although not quickly unless they have the same interests. AJ tends to be reserved and thoughtful. He is generally quiet and respectful. He is sweet and has a big heart. AJ's favorite food is pizza. For music, he likes pop music. He is eager to have positive role models in his life who can offer him the inspiration he needs to keep pressing forward. AJ believes he can learn from where he has been and help others along the way. He is looking for a family who will support him and help him to achieve his dreams for the future. AJ values family and believes that families should be there to support one another through thick and thin.

AJ's family will have realistic expectations for him. His family will give him the time necessary for him to adjust and feel safe within his new family. The family for AJ will enjoy participating in a variety of activities together. He would like parents who are understanding, faithful people. His family will be trustworthy role models who will consistently demonstrate the beauty of adoption by providing the commitment of a lifetime to this wonderful child. Who knows, maybe your family will be part of making this bighearted super star's dreams come true!


"I am happy and like being around others."

Koby loves to be in the middle of all the excitement, learning all he can so he can become all he is supposed to be. Koby is full of potential greatness and desires to see his dreams come true. He enjoys sports, video games, and attending church. Koby enjoys getting out of the house, doing things like vacationing, shopping, playing with Beyblades, riding bikes, camping, or just playing outside with others. He is looking for a family who will give him the commitment of a lifetime, affording him a place to call home for the rest of his life. Koby believes he has many talents and skills to share with his new family. He is so eager to move forward with a family who will step to the plate and not give up on him. Koby is a sweet and tremendously spirited child with a caring heart, who is hoping to build a lifetime of memories with a forever family. He is high energy. Koby has played football in his local town and really loved it. He won the county championship and was awarded the super bowl ring. Koby played a key role on the team with touchdowns and awesome blocking. He does not consider himself bound by the expectations of others. Koby is not afraid to say how he feels; he doesn't hold back.

Koby needs a committed family who will provide him all the time he needs to develop trust in his newfound relationships. His family will need a realistic expectation and understanding of Koby and should be able to help him learn to cope and overcome; moving forward in safe and trustworthy relationships. Koby needs a family who will provide him all the encouragement, praise, and inspiration for which he longs.


Adrianna, AJ, and Koby are hoping for an active family. They would like a family who will go outside and play ball with them, volleyball, football, etc. Their family will be loving, caring, and patient who will give them the time they need to adjust. They will provide good role models for the siblings as well as room to make mistakes. Their family will care and understand by giving them a safe place to have a voice. They need a family who is committed to making good and healthy memories that will last a lifetime. A good sense of humor will do go far in guiding them towards adulthood. These precious children will bring many adventures and incredible memories to the family who welcomes them into their lives.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.