Jacob and  Mark
  • Names:
    Jacob and Mark
  • Ages:
    12 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

Virginia Children

Jacob is a special little person with a huge heart! Jacob loves to show his affection to others by giving hugs and kisses. Jacob enjoys playing with his Legos, things that move and make noise, and the outdoors. Jacob requires full time love and assistance with his daily living skills; however, he is able to perform some tasks independently. Jacob has limited expressive and comprehensive skills. Therefore, he requires a family with a lot of patience and a family that will work with him to thrive. Jacob reaches his full potential with normalcy, consistency, and structured routine. Jacob attends public school full time and has special supports in place to help him while in school. Jacob can get along with other children, but he prefers to play alone. Jacob has a special bond with his younger brother, Mark. Jacob requires a home environment with love, patience and nurturing.

Mark is an active, energetic and loving little guy. He enjoys riding his bike, listening to rap music and playing with balls. Mark is independent and can complete his daily living tasks on his own. Mark can clean his room, make his bed, and fold his clothes. At times, Mark requires redirection and guidance in his daily activities. Mark is smart, expressive and athletic. He enjoys playing football and being outdoors. Mark does well in school. Mark loves his older brother Jacob and desires to be in a home with Jacob. Could you be the loving family for these sweet young fellows?