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    African American
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Texas Child

"I want a family who can provide me with lots of love and attention."

Ariel is a youth who likes to explore new things and be around people. She can be shy at times, however, with time she will open up to you. Ariel is good at dancing. She has an interest in doing krump dancing. Ariel likes to interact with other children. She enjoys doing activities such as watch television, talk on the phone, listen to music, dance, play games, and go to the movies or the mall. She enjoys being on social media. Ariel seems to enjoy school. She benefits from reminders to stay focused on tasks and positive encouragement. Ariel has expressed an interest in joining extracurricular activities at school. She desires to be on her high school dance team or be involved in dance out of school in which she can learn how to krump.

Ariel will thrive in a family who is nurturing, loving, and patient. She will benefit from a family who is structured and keeps her on task. Her family should be attentive to her needs. A one or two-parent family who has a strong support system will be ideal for Ariel. It is important for Ariel to be involved in extracurricular activities. Ariel would like a family who is open to her continuing to have communication with her support network and biological family. Her family should be open to letting her continue to have contact with her siblings.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.