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Idaho Child


Braxton is an amazing young man who is hoping to find a Forever Family who loves adventures! He cannot wait to go fishing with them and to take in as many theme parks as possible together! Some of Braxton’s passions that might make him a great fit for your family include a love for drawing; Lego Star Wars; dinosaurs; Percy Jackson books; playing Minecraft and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Braxton would love to have the support of his family as he learns to play a musical instrument, joins some new clubs at school and further explore his interest in religion.  

This resilient boy wants prospective families to know that he can cook on his own and loves to eat. Pizza, Ramen Noodles and burritos are among his favorite foods and he is skilled at making pancakes that taste just like cookies or brownies! On an educational note, Braxton is an advanced reader who really enjoys science experiments and finding out all he can about old Greek and Roman civilizations. Braxton is proud of his ability to make friends.

Braxton thrives on structure, stability and consistency. Parents who possess these traits and have TBRI training and/or an in-depth understanding of the potential effects of childhood trauma would be an ideal match for him. Braxton’s Permanency Team is working hard to find an adoptive family where he will be the only, or the youngest, child in the home. They are open to Idaho families as well as those from another state, in an effort to truly find the perfect fit for him. Though they are unable to be adopted together, Braxton has a younger sister with whom he shares a very strong bond. He needs a family who will commit to supporting his ongoing relationship with her, as well as his connection with a few of his other birth family members, when appropriate.

If you believe that your family can provide Braxton with the qualities his team is searching for and you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime with this deserving young man, we would love to hear from you today!