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    African American
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Missouri Child


Denzel is funny and engaging and loves having an audience. He has a creative imagination and likes to draw. Denzel enjoys being at school with his teachers and friends and has formed many strong bonds there. 

Denzel treasures family time. Two of his favorite family activities are playing board games and movie night.  He also has a love for food.  Hamburgers are his favorite, but there is no food that Denzel will not eat, including vegetables!  Denzel is also learning to cook and likes to help grill outside.

Denzel can be generous and display “gentleman” like manners.  He is caring and concerned with other’s feelings.  He also enjoys having pets and is very responsible with their care and training.

This active boy likes to be outside and enjoys playing sports. He is staying active with football lessons, at home, and is patiently waiting for his new team to begin practice!