Dominick and  Michael
Dominick and  Michael Dominick and  Michael
  • Names:
    Dominick and Michael
  • Ages:
    13 and 7
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We enjoy living together in the same home. We get along well and enjoy playing together. We like to have fun and interact with children of our same age group."

Michael and Dominick are very close brothers. They come from a family of seven and they love their other siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. When Dominick and Michael interact with one another, they like to play with blocks, Go Fish- the game, and play with musical toys. The boys enjoy going to Chuck E. Cheese where they like to challenge each other on videos games. They also enjoy giving hugs to each other and sitting together watching cartoons. The brothers enjoy going to the park to play on the swings. Michael likes to help Dominick with lots of things, like building with toys or putting on his shoes. They are really good for each other.


"I am smart and I love to smile. I love adult interaction."

Dominick is a smart child. He has a beautiful personality and will light up when he interacts with others. Dominick tries hard to accomplish new tasks he is presented with. He enjoys listening to music and likes any musical activities. Dominick likes to watch TV and really enjoys watching cartoons. His favorites are any Disney movies which include music. He enjoys being around other children. Dominick likes to be around and play with his siblings. He spends a lot of time listening to stories from books. Dominick prefers to sleep on his back and he enjoys classical music at bedtime to help him relax.

Dominick’s family will provide an accepting and loving home for him and his brother, Michael. He will benefit from a family with some experience or knowledge of his medical needs. His family will encourage Dominick to interact with other peers during social events and will support him maintaining visits and contact with his other siblings who are not a part of this adoption.


"Hello, I'm Michael. I love to have fun with other children my age. I also enjoy playing videos games and learning to build new things with blocks."

Michael is a smart boy who has a very beautiful smile. He is very polite and follows instructions well. He is very helpful and enjoys interacting with same-aged peers. Michael is very close to his siblings. He enjoys visiting and playing games with his siblings. Michael loves music, and he enjoys singing and dancing along to his favorite music. He enjoys watching TV and Disney cartoon movies. Michael enjoys being outside where he loves to play on swing at the park. He also enjoys going out to parties. Michael’s favorite food is pizza, which he always enjoys getting to eat.

Michael will benefit from a family who has knowledge or experience with his medical needs. His family will be loving and caring. He needs parents who are patient with him and will provide him with some structure. The structure he will benefit best from will include outside activities, especially some type of sports appropriate for his needs.


Michael and Dominick need a family who can handle their needs. The family must be loving and caring. The brothers need parents who are patient. A family who will involve them in social activities with other children will be ideal.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.