Dustin and  Emily
Dustin and  Emily Dustin and  Emily Dustin and  Emily
  • Names:
    Dustin and Emily
  • Ages:
    13 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We love each other, even when we try to hide it."

Dustin and Emily like outdoor activities and enjoy being in the country. Dustin is the eldest, and looks out for his younger sister, Emily, in many ways. Dustin is a helpful child and enjoys being a leader. Like her brother, Emily also enjoys being a leader. Both children enjoy receiving attention. Dustin wants to participate in sports and appears to have a natural ability in this area. Emily is just his opposite. She enjoys playing dress-up and playing pretend. She especially enjoys dressing up as a superhero and wearing anything with a cape. Both children enjoy camping, estate sales and going out to eat. They both appreciate having a strong relationship with people who they trust.


"I like Legos and sports!"

Dustin comes across as somewhat shy and quiet when he first meets new people. However, once he grows to know someone, he becomes more open and can talk about his feelings. Dustin responds well to positive attention and talks about making positive choices. In school, he enjoys social studies and science and has big dreams for his future. Dustin wants to be in the Army or the President when he grows up, but has also considered having a YouTube channel. Dustin enjoys playing baseball and football, and has a natural talent for sports. He loves to be helpful and responds positively to encouragement. He likes it when his caregivers are proud of him. He enjoys being an “entrepreneur” and has an interest in antiques and estate sales, and can spot things that have worth. Dustin has been working hard on learning the best way to deal with his emotions and is making progress all the time. At times he can struggle in school, and benefits from receiving support in this area.

Dustin wants a stable life and needs a family who he can trust. He responds well to love and guidance and is loyal to those he trusts. He needs a family who will understand the strong bonds he has built and will encourage him to keep these connections. He hopes his family will allow and encourage him to play sports. He also hopes his family will take trips to places like Six Flags and will participate in other fun activities. His ideal family will help him handle frustrations and emotions, and help him build coping skills. Dustin needs a structured living environment that is also nurturing. He will do best with clear expectations, consequences, and routines. Since he likes to be helpful, he will do well with a family who will provide positive reinforcement and engage with him.

"I love peanut butter and being a leader!"

Emily presents as somewhat shy when she first meets someone. Like her brother, she interacts more openly with those who she trusts and knows well. Emily enjoys playing with dolls and has an interest in styling hair. At times, she tries to be a “mother hen” to other children in her home. She loves to be the center of attention and thrives when she receives one-on-one time. She can be sensitive to others getting more attention than her. Emily enjoys camping and swimming, as well as going to garage and antique sales. She also loves getting all dressed up and being “girly”. She especially likes dressing as a super hero and wearing capes, as this makes her feel strong. Some of her other interests include coloring, making arts and crafts projects, and playing outside. Emily wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Emily’s family needs to be equipped to offer her close supervision. She will benefit from having positive role models on whom she can depend. Her family needs to understand that it will take time for Emily to develop trust. The best family will allow her to stay connected to those who she already has built a relationship with and encourage her to maintain these connections. She needs a family who can help her feel safe. Her family needs to provide her with strong boundaries, structure, and safety, but in a nurturing environment.

Dustin and Emily both need a safe and secure family. They need a patient family who will allow them time to adjust to their new home and build trust. They need a family who will support them in maintaining connections they have built, while encouraging them to build new ones. They need a family who will guide them as they grow and provide a support they can rely on in their future. Both children need a loving family who will understand their pasts and be supportive of them in overcoming new obstacles that come their way. The best family will be understanding and will create new memories with them.


 Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services