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Texas Child


"I'm a happy, active, and sweet young boy with a smile that can light up the room. I enjoy playing with my toys, looking at books, watching movies and learning to play the guitar."

Jaquadon loves to play with the other children, especially swinging and playing at his local park. He also enjoys participating in story time at the library near his home. Jaquadon’s verbal communication is limited, so he is learning alternate ways to communicate. He points to items that he wants and uses hand gestures. He is able to say hello, good-bye, and snack. At school and in supportive sessions, he uses an iPad to communicate via picture applications, which speak the name of the picture out loud. School staff work with him on transitioning from one activity to the next, as he can become overwhelmed. Jaquadon also enjoys swimming and loves to eat. Some of his favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter cookies, Oreos, ice cream, and pork chops.

Jaquandon needs a family who is positive, active, and participates in community activities. He will do best in a home with older children or as an only child. The ideal family will have a caregiver that stays at home or have an in home sitter. His parents need to be patient, kind, and committed. It will be helpful for the family to have experience working with children with autism.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.