Mickeal, Dajanae and  Michael
  • Names:
    Mickeal, Dajanae and Michael
  • Ages:
    13, 12 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Ohio Children

Mickeal is a very loving young man. He is a great helper and often is a voice for others of his peers who he thinks may be picked on by others. He does not like to see others hurt. He is a tender hearted young man. Mickeal loves to cook. He looks up recipes for meals and will often make up his own recipes. His other interest are drawing and playing baseball.

Meet Dajanae. She is bright; a young lady with style. Fashion is one of her passions. Pinterest is her favorite site for checking out the latest in styles. Daja wants you to know that she has other interests, her favorite being reading. She also enjoys playing with her dolls and both outside and indoor sports. Daja is creative, funny and loves to help.

Michael simply is Michael. He likes to have fun. He like his brother is very handsome and loving. Michael loves to help and prides himself on being a good helper. He is very sensitive taking things to heart when they do not pan out the way he thinks they should. This is because he wants to do well. Michael like outside sports. He like his brother plays baseball.

Mickeal, Dejanae and Michael love each other and are very bonded. Therefore; they must remain together so a family is being sought that will adopt all three and keep them together.
This sibling group needs a loving home; parents who are patient, structured and active.