Kariann and  John
Kariann and  John Kariann and  John
  • Names:
    Kariann and John
  • Ages:
    12 and 8
  • Genders:
    Female, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children

"We are excited to get to know our future family."

Kariann and John have a special relationship. Kairann is the oldest and is a caring sister to her brother, John. She enjoys spending time with him and always wants to ensure his needs are being met. At times, she needs help focusing on a having a sibling relationship to John, as opposed to a caregiver relationship. Kariann and John enjoy participating in outdoor activities together, including swimming, hiking, and going for long walks. Mutually enjoyed activities are beneficial to both children. John is unable to use words to verbalize his relationship with Kariann, but shows visible excitement when she is around. Kariann engages with John, and is patient and kind with him. Kariann needs caregivers who will help her process John's needs as she can struggle to understand that he has some difficulties communicating and recognizing her.


"I am sweet, funny, and kind."

Kariann is an energetic and outgoing youth, but can be shy when meeting new people. She is friendly and empathetic. Kariann loves listening to music. She also enjoys hiking, running track, and playing basketball. She is open to trying different sports, as she has a lot of energy and likes to be involved in many different activities. At times, she can become distracted and needs reminders to stay on task when trying to accomplish her goals. Kariann enjoys and does well in school. On occasion, she need additional support in social studies and science. She also needs encouragement and reminders to complete her homework assignments from time to time. Kariann likes animals and would like to have a dog one day. Kariann’s faith is important to her and she identifies as a Christian.

Kariann will do well with either a single mother or in a family with a mother and father. Kariann tends to have a dry sense of humor and uses sarcasm when joking, so a family that is able to understand and respond to this humor, will be best. Kariann will thrive with a family that has a consistent schedule. She needs rules that are explained to her and presented in a way that she can understand. She will need firm but gentle reminders when learning the new rules and boundaries. Kariann will do best in a home where she and her brother are the youngest children or in a home where they are the only children. She would love to have a large extended family with cousins who are close to her age. She would enjoy spending time with a mother who enjoys shopping, crafts, and other creative things. She would like parents that enjoy sports and other outdoor activities too.

"I am a very smart and active boy that keeps to myself. I love to ride scooters."

John is a sweet and energetic child who enjoys playing outside. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include riding scooters, swinging, and playing on the playground. John also enjoys water activities, especially swimming. John can be shy and not speak when he initially meets someone. However, when he gets comfortable and warms up, he will talk and mimic others speech. John is a loving child and enjoys giving hugs. He gravitates to toys that are string-like, wood textured, reflective, and make noise. John does not seem to be picky about food and has a good appetite. His favorite foods are pizza, chicken nuggets, and vegetables. John's favorite classes at school are physical education and art.

John will do best in a two-parent family. He needs a family who can assist him with his daily needs. The ideal family will be patient and structured. Families who may have knowledge and experience with the Autism spectrum will be a good fit for John.


Kariann and John will benefit from a two-parent highly supportive family. The best family will be familiar and capable of utilizing public and private resources to meet both children's needs. Kairann and John will do best in a home where they are the youngest children, as well as not having any other male children in the home. Both children enjoy outdoor activities and swimming. The ideal family will be able to incorporate these activities in their lives regularly. The children are able to be adopted separately, but should remain in Texas.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services