Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and  Jayvin
Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and  Jayvin Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and  Jayvin Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and  Jayvin Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and  Jayvin
  • Names:
    Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and Jayvin
  • Ages:
    17, 16, 14 and 13
  • Genders:
    Female, Female, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We would love one family to adopt all of us together."

Alasyha, Angel, Aleria, and Jayvin have a close connection with each other and tend to follow each other’s outlook. They tend to keep secrets for each other and are able to confide in one another. Alasyha is the oldest of the sibling group. She loves to laugh and is affectionately known as the clown of the group. Jayvin seems to be connected the most with Alasyha. Alasyha loves her brother and they can often be seen joking around with each other. Angel and Jayvin also show their affection to each other by picking on one another. Angel is sporty, strong and also close to her older sister, Alasyha. Of the group, Angel is the most laid back. Aleria is the youngest of the girls. She easily expresses her thoughts and feelings. Although Aleria prefers to be alone, she tends to be the leader of the group. She prefers to spend time with her siblings individually.

"I am outgoing, outspoken, and funny."

Alasyha is the oldest of her siblings and can be strong willed. She is patient and well-spoken. At times, Alasyha can be shy and become embarrassed easily, but she is resilient and able to laughs it off quickly. Her interest include applying make-up, cooking, listening to music, and decorating. Like most teenage girls, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and shopping. Alasyha loves to laugh and enjoys making others laugh too. She works hard to have independence and is focused on her education. Alasyha puts a lot of effort into her school work, while also balancing her social life. Alasyha has a job and is learning the value of developing strong work ethics and saving money. Alasyha gets along well with others and is respectful to adults. She has so much to share and is looking forward to making wonderful memories with her new family.

Alasyha will do well with a family that will challenge her to face and conquer her fears. She needs a family that will assist her in managing and monitoring her diabetes. Alasyha is smart but sometimes takes the easy way out. Her ideal family will encourage her to excel and push her to achieve her goals. She is great with communicating her feelings and talking about her worries, fears, and also her happy moments. She needs a family that will nurture this side of her. Alasyha is very protective and supportive of her siblings.

"I am friendly, caring, and self controlled. I enjoy cooking and spending time with friends and family."

Angel is the second oldest and the most reserved of her siblings. She enjoys gymnastics, baking and cooking, swimming, and learning new crafts. Angel is also athletic. She has done well this past year in track and is now learning the ropes of gymnastics. Angel is patient and is always helpful. She is very independent and organized when it comes to her chores. Angel is not the most talkative youth, but is able to expresses herself through her actions. Angel benefits from support, encouragement, and one-on-one time with homework and projects. Angel is friendly and sweet, especially when she feels part of a family.

Angel will do well with a family that can challenge her to practice exploring events outside of her element. Angel finds it hard to do things independently in public, but has been developing these skills as she ventures out and practices. Angel needs a family who can provide her with close attention and assistance with her homework and learning new tasks. Her ideal parent will sit with her daily to help her develop an understanding of completing her best work.

"I am funny and smart. I like playing Barbies and I like Harry Potter."

Aleria is a creative youth who enjoys being her own character. She plans to pursue a career in acting when she is older. Aleria is unique, talented, and embraces her individuality. She is bright and charismatic, but at times can struggle with communicating her feelings and needs assistance expressing her emotions. Aleria has learned ways to manage her feelings by engaging in supportive services. Aleria loves her siblings and is always thoughtful about making them feel special on their birthdays. Some of Aleria’s interests and hobbies include skating, swimming, listening to music, and drawing. She also enjoys playing with animals.

Aleria will fit into a family that provides her encouragement and support on reaching her personal and academic goals and dreams. She will benefit from having a family who is patient, understanding, and can provide a safe place for her to communicate her needs and struggles. Aleria responds best to a predictable and structured environment.

"I am sweet, confident, and I love to socialize."

Jayvin is the most outgoing of his siblings. He loves spending quality time with his sisters and also those who he holds dear. Jayvin loves hugs and does well in a nurturing environment. Jayvin is an active child who enjoys playing outside, socializing, and participating in games. Jayvin is a character and loves to make people laugh and express himself in comical ways. At times, Jayvin can be bold and daring with staff in school. However, he does well with recognizing his actions and bouncing back with positive behavior. Jayvin has benefitted from supportive services to help him appropriately manage his feelings. Jayvin has a lot of love to give and adores spending quality time with those he loves.

Jayvin will do well with a family who has a nurturing parenting style. Jayvin needs guidance and practice on respecting authority and showing respect. Jayvin will fit best into a family who allows him to respectfully and safely express his needs, as well as push and challenge him to meet his goals.

Alasyha, Angel, Aleria and Jayvin are looking forward to being together in a family that encourages their individuality and supports them as they launch into their purpose with consistency and stability. Alasyha, Angel, Aleria, and Jayvin want their family to be committed to keeping their unbreakable bond together and helping them through the transition. They want to be in a secure and loving family that practices playful engagement. The children would prefer to be the only children in their new home. The best family for these four children will have a good sense of humor, plenty of energy, and have a strong Christ centered foundation.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.