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    African American
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Texas Child


"I love to play with my trucks!"

Majorr is a sweet and charming, little boy. He has a cute sense of humor when you are joking around with him. Majorr likes to play with Legos, cars and trucks and Play-Doh. He also likes to play with toys that allow him to be creative. Major receives supportive services at school . He thrives on routine and does best in a consistent environment. He can become unreceptive when his routine is disrupted or he does not get his way. Major likes to receive praise and loves to be the center of attention.

Majorr will do well in a household where he is the only child or in a household with older children. He does not do well with children his age or ones that are younger than him. Majorr will do best in a home that follows a set routine and one that is structured. The ideal family will be knowledgeable of Autism and be able to offer Majorr ways to cope with change. The family will need to be dedicated to the adoption process as it may take Majorr time to adjust to new people in his life.



Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services