Dinym and  Damien
Dinym and  Damien Dinym and  Damien
  • Names:
    Dinym and Damien
  • Ages:
    7 and 5
  • Genders:
    Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"Hello, I'm Damien and I'm Dinym and we are sisters who desire to stay together. Where you find one of us, you will find the other. We love playing with each other, dressing alike, and making cookies together."

Dinym and Damien are two lovable girls who will melt your heart with their smiles and hugs. These two sisters are closely attached to one another. They truly enjoy being with each other and being together in a family will only intensify that bond. The girls demonstrate sisterly love by being helpful and playing well together. Dinym takes on a mother hen role to Damien, she is always making sure Damien is doing the right thing and will help her sister dress at times. Dinym is generally well-behaved. Damien is very sweet and has a straight-forward nature. Together they possess and show extraordinary love for one another, they are looking forward to sharing their love with their forever family.

"Hello, I'm Dinym and I'm a very delightful and loving girl who loves being around people and having fun. I love playing with my dolls and helping out in the kitchen."

Dinym is very pleasant and fun loving young girl. She is always smiling and loves to be affectionate. Dinym plays well with others and is well behaved. She enjoys going to school, but she needs reminders to stay focused and on task. She enjoys being read to and being in group settings. Dinym loves to be the center of attention, and she definitely doesn’t mind stealing the show from her peers. She is very determined and independent. She enjoys watching movies and playing with her dolls. Dinym is very friendly and caring, especially when she feels she is part of the family.

Dinym is knowledgeable of her situation and desires to be adopted. She wants the security of being wanted, accepted, and loved unconditionally. She will benefit in a family who is structured and consistent so that she feels safe. Her family will offer unlimited support, love, guidance, and a secure environment. Most of all her family will be understanding and nurturing while celebrating every milestone she may conquer in her life.

"Hello, I'm Damien and I am very energetic and a bright little girl who loves playing with my sister and helping out wherever I'm needed. I love watching cartoons and playing with toys."     

Damien is a ball of energy who loves to eat snacks. Once she gets to know you and feels comfortable around you she will be very honest with you. Damien needs additional attention and support during transitions while she adjusts to new environments. She loves watching movies and playing with toys. Damien is a great helper and loves to help with baking. She is an independent child who requires little assistance with tasks such as dressing herself. Damien has a strong bond with her sister and gets along well with her. She is very affectionate and loving towards others. Damien has a lot of love to give and share with her new family.

Damien will do best in a family who is firm, fair, and consistent along with providing careful supervision. She will benefit in a family who is structured and consistent so that she feels safe. Her forever family will provide her a safe environment to grow and express herself in order for her to reach each milestone of growth. Her family will have time to spend individual time with Damien and will seek out any resources she may need. Lastly, her family will advocate and encourage her throughout her life.

Dinym and Damien will do best with an active family who will keep them involved in extracurricular activities. Their family will have a lot of patience and provide a structured and loving environment. Their family will respond appropriately and work with the girls on any behaviors. Their forever family must be energetic. Dinym and Damien are ready to commit their love and happiness to their new family.          


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.