Elijah and  Josiah
Elijah and  Josiah Elijah and  Josiah
  • Names:
    Elijah and Josiah
  • Ages:
    10 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicities:
    Caucasian and Hispanic
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are looking forward to meeting our FOREVER FAMILY."

Meet Josiah and Elijah! These boys are a loving set of brothers. They are affectionate, enthusiastic, and have lots of energy. Elijah is the oldest and can be protective and helpful to his younger brother, Josiah. At times, Elijah takes on the role of a parent and has to be reminded that he is Josiah’s brother. They both need occasional reminders that they are individuals and need their own personal space. Elijah enjoys playing basketball, football, and riding his bike. Josiah likes playing video games or playing on the computer. Josiah is able to entertain himself for long periods of time. Together as a group the boys like to be active, love to be outside, and enjoy going out to eat. They can be shy when meeting new people but are very friendly once they adjust.

"I am ready for my FOREVER FAMILY."

Elijah enjoys sports and socializing with his peers. Some of his favorite activities are basketball, football, and riding his bike. Elijah is interested in learning more about sports so that he can join a team one day. He also loves watching TV and especially enjoys cartoons. Elijah is learning how to surf the internet for videos. His favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti and cereal. He is a great kid and is open to learning more about many different subjects. Elijah enjoys school and receives supportive services to assist him in a learning environment. Elijah does best with prompts and encouragement to complete assignments and studying.

Elijah will do best with a family who is structured. He is open to many types of families. He would love to be in a home with other children. He would like to have a big brother to hang out with.

"I am ready to be loved."

Josiah is an active child who has many interests and hobbies. Indoors, you can find him playing video games or playing on the computer. Josiah is able to entertain himself for hours and hours. Josiah does really well in small group activities. He is learning the concept of team activities and sharing. Once outside, you will likely find him playing some sort of sport. Football is what he enjoys playing the most. Josiah loves going out to eat. His favorite restaurants serve either pizza or Mexican food. Josiah thrives with one to one interaction. He loves giving and receiving affection. Josiah wants to spend time curled up on a sofa being read to or watching a movie.

Josiah will benefit from stability, structure, and attention. He needs a family who will advocate for him in an academic setting. His forever family will provide patience and understanding. Consistent rules and consequences is a must for Josiah. Josiah wants a family who is affectionate and likes to be involved in activities together as a group.

These boys will do best with a structured family. They are open to many different types of families and would love to have siblings, especially older brothers that can teach them team activities. They are great with pets. The ideal family for Elijah and Josiah will provide them with patient and dedication.



Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services