Luis, Juan and  Jesus
Luis, Juan and  Jesus Luis, Juan and  Jesus Luis, Juan and  Jesus
  • Names:
    Luis, Juan and Jesus
  • Ages:
    16, 13 and 9
  • Genders:
    Male, Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are triple the fun!"

Luis, Juan, and Jesus are a close knit sibling group who have a strong bond with each other. Luis, Juan, and Jesus have four other siblings who are not a part of this adoption. Luis is active and likes superheroes and action heroes. Luis, Juan, and Jesus enjoy playing soccer, riding their bicycles, and playing football. They also really enjoy playing the Nintendo DS, watching television, playing games as a family, and going to the water park together. Even though several of their siblings are not placed with them, they enjoying having regular visitations with their siblings as a family. The children continue to strengthen their bond by interacting as a sibling group and look forward to finding a forever family who will keep them together.


"Call me Mr. Charming!"

Luis is a sweet, loving, charming, and happy boy. He can be very timid at first, but once he is comfortable with those around him he is very caring. Luis is described as being very outspoken when discussing subjects which interest him. He enjoys being extra sporty and active. His favorite pastime is playing football with his siblings. Luis finds sports fun and enjoys watching NFL. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and he has a very strong bond with them. He enjoys watching TV, using electronics, and riding his bike. At times, Luis gets sad but he always tries to stay positive. Luis becoming more mature, but he still enjoys watching superhero movies. Luis has good behavior and follows rules and directions.

Luis will be great in a family who is able to care for him and siblings. It is important to Luis to be in a supportive family who encourages in maintaining a healthy relationship with his siblings. Luis will also do well in a family who is active and outdoorsy, and also has experience in parenting.


"I am full of energy and life!"

Juan is best described as energetic, adventurous, funny, and loves being very interactive with others, especially his siblings. He has a close relationship with his siblings and it is important to him to maintain a strong relationship with them. Juan enjoys doing activities as a family and creating memories together. Juan likes many outdoor sports, such as, basketball, baseball, soccer, and running. Sports are important to him, as provides him the opportunity to be competitive with his siblings. He also likes to play Nintendo DS, watch cartoons and movies, and ride his bicycle. Juan enjoys going to the water park. At times, Juan has trouble following directions but will listen if he is spoken to on an individual basis.

Juan will benefit from a family who is able to maintain the sibling group together. He will also do well with a family who is patient and will be able to provide equal attention to Juan and his brothers. Juan will do best in a family who will dedicate individual attention and redirection to him.


"I am the baby of the group, but I am the most fun!"

Jesus is the youngest of his siblings and has a close relationship with them. Jesus really enjoys and looks forwards to spending time with his siblings and doing things as a family. He enjoys anything that creates fun and long lasting memories. Jesus is sensitive and he has positive interactions with his siblings. Jesus enjoys playing with his toys and wants the toys all for himself. He likes playing outside, running and riding his bike. When indoors Jesus likes arts and crafts, computer games, and watching movies. At times, he may misbehave but he is learning to follow rules. Jesus is friendly and able to form good relationships with people.

Jesus will do well with a family who will care for him and encourage and support a healthy relationship with his siblings. He and his siblings are very active and require a lot of attention and supervision. Jesus will also benefit from a family who is will adopt him and his brothers together.


Luis, Juan, and Jesus are looking for a family who will love, care for and maintain the sibling group, as this is something very important to the children. The brothers will do well in a family who has experience in dealing with large siblings groups. A family who is active and are able to provide constant supervision will be ideal.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.