Drake and  Leah
Drake and  Leah Drake and  Leah Drake and  Leah Drake and  Leah Drake and  Leah Drake and  Leah
  • Names:
    Drake and Leah
  • Ages:
    13 and 12
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are Drake and Leah. We want a family that has a mom and dad and who will let us stay in touch with our older siblings."

Close in age, Drake and Leah also have a close sibling relationship. They especially enjoy being outdoors together. In fact, their favorite memories are of a camping trip they took to the Frio River. Drake and Leah get along well together. They have a healthy competitive relationship, which is beginning to flourish into a supportive relationship. Drake and Leah are frequently encouraging each other to strive to do better. They are positive about the future and look forward to meeting their forever family. It is of great importance to them that they be adopted together to continue this close bond.


"I am interested in football, my favorite team is the Broncos. I am smart. I am cute."

One of the first things you will learn about Drake is that he is a Broncos fan. He is smart and does well in school. His favorite classes at school are math, science, and social studies. Some of Drake’s favorite foods are spaghetti, Salisbury steak, and beef enchiladas. He also is often found helping BBQ. He loves to laugh and enjoys hearing the jokes others tell. He enjoys playing X-Box when he’s indoors, but Drake is also quite the outdoorsman. He likes to work with hands and isn’t afraid to help with yard work or projects. Drake enjoys riding his bicycle. He likes to build with Legos. Drake isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he does know he wants to go to college so he can have a good job. Drake’s favorite movies are the Fast and the Furious sequels.

When it comes to a forever family Drake definitely wants a dad. He is ok with living in the city or in the country. He doesn’t mind sharing a room. Drake also wants a family who will let him be involved in extracurricular activities. Drake has stated a preference for a family who shares a similar cultural background. He will be most comfortable in a home where he is able to have additional siblings. While Drake interacts well with younger children, he prefers to have someone his age or older with whom he can play. Drake can be hesitant around new animals, but warms up quickly with proper assurances. He prefers to eat at home and doesn't like to go out much. He has said his forever family should know how to cook spaghetti, Salisbury steak, and homemade tortillas. He will do well in living in the city or country. Drake says his forever family will understand that he responds best to having alone time when he is upset.



"I am Leah. I am funny sometimes. I like to draw. I want to put my music on YouTube. I want to work for the FBI."

Leah likes for people to know she is funny sometimes. She likes artistic expression, particularly drawing, singing and writing her own songs. Leah someday wants to put her music on YouTube. She would love to grow up and work for the FBI someday. Having a sister and a pet dog are two things she would like in her new family. She is also interested in taking dance classes. Familiar with animals and is comfortable with pets such as birds, horses, pigs, and dogs. Leah says her favorite foods are Salisbury steak, spaghetti, meatloaf, lasagna, and mac and cheese with hot dogs. Leah says sometimes she and her brother disagree, but they love each other very much. She also loves to ride her bike, go swimming, and play basketball. Leah really enjoys going out to the movies at the theater.

A family best suited for Leah will be outgoing and excited to enroll her in dance or gymnastics. She expresses her emotions best through music and will do well with parents who relate to expression through the arts. Leah need a family who also takes her academics seriously and encourages her to continue to do well in school. Leah bonds closely to women and will need a mother in the home. She would also do well with an older sister. Leah is looking forward to having pets and is adaptable to a city or country style living environment. Leah is definitely looking forward to a family that has a little more space in their yard.


The family best suited for Drake and Leah will be a two parent household with both a mother and father present. The children will do well in home with other children, preferably close in age or older. Drake and Leah have had pets in their foster placements ranging from cats and dogs to roosters and horses so they are accustomed to caring for animals. Both children have expressed a desire to have a family that does family night activities such as playing games or watching movies together. They would also very much likes to be a part of family that does summer camping trips.














Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services