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    African American
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Texas Child


 "I desire a family that can relate to me and help me learn about the world. I love to be funny and make others laugh."

Taaliyah is a loveable teenager who has such a wanderlust for the world. She is intrigued by exploring her surroundings and enjoys being able to go to new places. Taaliyah enjoys trying new foods and restaurants. She also enjoys being up to date on current music, TV shows, and movies. Taaliyah enjoys arts and crafts, such as drawing and photography, and she enjoys writing and poetry. In the summer time, Taaliyah loves to swim and being able to spend time with her friends. She receives additional supportive services through school to help her with her classes and homework. Taaliyah would like to have a future in the armed forces and hopes to create a career from it.

Taaliyah will strongly benefit from a home which does not have too many teenagers. Taaliyah would love her family to be able to relate to her and understand her background. Her perfect family will provide boundaries and rules for Taaliyah to better guide herself. The family who provides a forever home for Taaliyah will have a huge heart and be able to understand that time heals all wounds.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.