Nicholas and  Mia
Nicholas and  Mia Nicholas and  Mia Nicholas and  Mia
  • Names:
    Nicholas and Mia
  • Ages:
    16 and 15
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicities:
    Hispanic and Caucasian
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


 "We are a perfect balance for each other, let us show you!"

Nick and Mia have a tight bond and depend on each other for emotional needs and motivation. They feel safer when they are together. Mia is calmer and appears to be more at ease when she is with Nick. Nick feels relieved and secure when he is with Mia because he knows Mia is safe. Nick is a good encouragement for Mia, she listens to advice from her older brother and Nick tries his best to be supportive to Mia. Nick is calm, appears mature for his age, and has started thinking about his future. Mia is outgoing, lives in the moment, and is unsure of what she wants to do in the future. It is important to Nick and Mia that they be adopted together. They talk on the phone several times a week.

 "My sister and I look forward to joining your family!"

Nicholas is a quiet and respectful youth who wants to live with a safe and loving family and be adopted with sister. Nick and his sister, Mia, are close and provide emotional support for each other. Nick has made great strides in his life in the face of adversity and has become a successful and motivated adolescent. He is doing well in school. Nick enjoys activities such as hanging out with friends, going to the lake, swimming, water skiing, playing sports, and playing video games. He has aspirations of going to college or a technical school to become a welder once he has graduated from high school. Transitions and change make Nick nervous however, he has acquired coping skills such as talking to people he trusts and taking time to be alone to reflect on what is bothering him. Nick takes time to trust and build bonds but is able to do so. He prefers to spend time alone for a while before talking to people when he becomes angry. Nick is open to talking about his feelings and why he is angry once he has had time to process his feelings on his own.

Nick needs a family who will be patient when it comes to building trust, bonding, and forming attachments. He needs a family who understands and respects his close relationship with his sister. The ideal family for Nick will provide structure and boundaries but also allow Nick freedom to express himself in appropriate ways.

 "Let me and my brother love you!"

Mia has a sweet and loving disposition most of the time. She enjoys sports such as volleyball and cheerleading, enjoys being active, and has normal teenage interests. Mia enjoys being helpful, specifically cleaning, as this helps her calm down when she is feeling angry or overwhelmed. Mia was on the school cheerleading team and tries to do well in school. She finds school to be challenging and is provided with supportive services to assist her in being as successful as possible in school. Mia can be spontaneous at times, such as when she is reacting to conflict or change. She responds well to positive redirection. Mia can be crafty with her words when there is something she would like. She has a strong relationship with her brother and relies on him for emotional support and a source of motivation and positive guidance. Mia is eager to form relationships with individuals who show her love, respect, and support, and whom she feels she can trust to keep her safe.

Mia needs a family who will show her love and support and remind her often she is loved and safe. This will help Mia build trust and appropriate relationships. Mia needs a family who will provide consistency regarding rules and consequences. She needs a family who understands and respects her close relationship with her brother. Her ideal family will provide structure and boundaries but also allow her freedom to express herself in appropriate ways.

Nick and Mia need a family who will be patient with them as they have a close relationship but their personalities are different. They need a family who will work with each of them on their individual needs and respect that they have a close relationship and seek emotional comfort and motivation from each other.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.