Jahkaiya Jahkaiya
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    African American
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Missouri Child

Missiouri Child

Jahkaiya is affectionately called “Tweety” by those that know and love her. She is full of smiles and loves to give high fives, especially if it’s her first time meeting you! She has a bright smile that will warm your heart.

Jahkaiya is a dancer at heart. If there is music playing, then she is moving. Her favorite music to listen to is inspirational/gospel. After school, while hanging out at home, she loves to look at magazines and picture books. She is inquisitive and not afraid to try new activities. 

Jahkaiya has a strong appetite with a flair for Italian food, with her favorite dinner choices being pizza and spaghetti. After a good dinner you will see her jumping up and down for ice cream with toppings.

Jahkaiya is determined to achieve goals that are set for her and needs a loving, patient, and committed adoptive family that will help her reach her full potential.