Tristian and  Tabitha
Tristian and  Tabitha Tristian and  Tabitha Tristian and  Tabitha
  • Names:
    Tristian and Tabitha
  • Ages:
    16 and 14
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
  • Bulletin#

Texas Children


"We are very close and want to be adopted by loving and caring parents."

Tristian and Tabitha are a fun, loving, and close knit, energetic sibling group who care for each other deeply. They are free spirited children and are accustomed to being on their own. Tabitha and Tristian have a very strong sibling bond. They are very comfortable outdoors and near the water. Both children love to fish, hike, and go camping. Tristian is the oldest sibling and loves to play basketball, he also ensure his younger sibling is doing well. Tabitha is the youngest and also loves to be at the beach or on the coast. Tristian and Tabitha also like to play video games and draw pictures. They desire to find a forever family together soon, and until then, value their time visiting each other and continue to grow their strong sibling bond.

 "I love to fish and walk along the beach, and would love to live by the beach or coast."

Tristian is a sweet and loving boy. He can be quite friendly and usually makes friends easily wherever he goes. He is respectful of those around him and is well-liked by the adults who work with him. He is also known to be empathetic and compassionate and may do well in a helping field when he grows up. Tristian is a very active child and if he had his way he would spend all day at the beach, fishing. Tristian’s world would be made if he could live permanently near a beach, lake, or river. Like many boys his age, he enjoys going to the movies and playing video games. Tristian also enjoys camping, hiking, and playing basketball. He is very outgoing and tends to have a laid back attitude. Tristian does well in school. He is somewhat nervous about the prospect of being adopted, but is ready to begin learning about and meeting families.


 "I love to fish and walk along the beach, and would love to live by the beach or coast."

Tabitha is a friendly, sweet, loving, and very respectful youth who has an active imagination. Tabitha loves to fish and really enjoys going to the beach. She would love to live near the beach or close to a beach or a lake. Tabitha also enjoys going to the movies and loves to read. She likes to camp and go hiking. Tabitha is outgoing, has a good sense of humor, and is very inquisitive. She struggles with math but overall is doing well in school. Tabitha is open to being adopted along with her brother Tristian. Tabitha is also very empathetic and compassionate towards others and likes to help people.


Tabitha and Tristian will benefit from parents who are loving and nurturing. The ideal family will be patient in establishing and explaining boundaries to maintain personal safety. Their family will need to work with both children in learning about and exploring all of the opportunities and extracurricular activities available. Tabitha and Tristian would love to have a family who has pets. They are open to all sorts of animals. They prefer a family with a large yard or who live in a country setting. They will do well with a family who enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, and BBQ’s. The adoptive family will also need to have a Christian faith and be able to talk openly about God and answer questions. However, attending church services regularly is not a requirement. Tabitha and Tristian are supportive of one another’s goals and accomplishments, so a family who feels the same, is a must.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.