Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario
Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and  Mario
  • Names:
    Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and Mario
  • Ages:
    13, 9, 8, 8 and 3
  • Genders:
    Male, Male, Female, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Oregon Children


Meet Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma, and Mario!


Described as funny and outgoing, Diego, oldest of these five, is quick witted with a great sense of humor. He doesn't hesitate to ask for what he wants and speaks up for himself. While Diego appears to have a tough exterior, on the inside he is sensitive with a very kind heart.  He enjoys hanging out with his friends and values his relationship with his siblings , especially his older brother. He clearly loves all of his siblings and is very patient and caring with his sisters. Diego loves Legos, Fortnite, playing games on his tablet, and riding bikes. At times, he also enjoys reading comic books. Over the past year, Diego has been participating in soccer. He has also expressed an interest in working with animals (4-H or dog sitting/dog walking). Diego would benefit from social activities which can help him learn important skills, develop peer relationships, and increase his confidence.

Antonio, too, is very kind hearted with a great sense of humor. He can be very generous and enjoys sharing things with others, knowing it will make them happy. He wants to be kind, play well with others, and have good self-control. Like Diego, Antonio can appear tough on the outside, though on the inside, he is very sweet. He loves animals and bugs. If it's a live creature, Antonio is interested. He loves to catches bugs, keeps them for a bit, then sets them free. He is very smart and enjoys putting puzzles together. Antonio is also a very good artist and can draw very well. He is very visual and can make sense of things that others can't when looking at them. He enjoys tasks that allow him to use his fine motor skills. Antonio struggles being the middle child, craving the special attention he deserves. Antonio would benefit from structured groups/activities where he can improve his social skills. Building trust through a caring relationship, he now appreciates receiving affection.

Twin Gabriella (Gabby), with brown hair, bangs and glasses, is very easygoing and fun loving.  While very sensitive,she is also very kind hearted. She plays well with others and also enjoys playing alone at times. She loves reading, math, and playing with her Barbie doll house. She is artistic and enjoys writing letters and drawing pictures. Gabby loves to sing and dance. Name a recent pop song, and she's likely to bust out singing. She has a great voice. Gabby has participated in dance class in the past and enjoys the structure that dance class provides. She loves reading and writing and has very good handwriting. She loves to play with dolls, ride bikes, and play dress up. Gabby is a helper in the home. She feels very satisfied and fulfilled when she is helping others and when she is recognized for her efforts. Gabby loves hugs and loves to be close to caregivers or those with whom she feels connected. Touch is important to her.

Twin Emma, with dirty blonde hair and glasses, can be very shy, quiet, and slow to warm up to others. Although she's shy, she's still listening. Her ears are always turned on. She can be very sensitive as well. Emma is very artistic and loves to color, write, and create art projects. She enjoys math and loves to play with her Barbie doll house. Emma enjoys playing outside, riding bikes, and riding scooters. Emma also enjoys singing and dancing. She too has participated in dance class in the past. She would benefit from participating in a structured setting that can help he build her social skills. Like Gabby, Emma needs to feel loved and enjoys having positive physical touch; it helps her feel secure. She loves to sit near caregivers or others she is comfortable with. She loves having her hair played with and her back scratched. Gabby and Emma are fraternal twins.

Mario (Jaxson) is the youngest. He has the sweetest giggle and enjoys being tickled on his own terms. He loves to say hello to people when he sees them, including strangers in the store. Jaxson loves trucks, cars, trains, and tractors, which are his go-to toys. He will play for hours on the floor, laying on his side, moving the vehicles back and forth. He loves to watch the wheels turn too. While Jaxson is very friendly, he also struggles with sharing with his peers. Jaxson has recently began to enjoy slides and play structures. He can sometimes be hard to please, as most children his age. When he wants something, he wants it now! With Jaxson's improving language skills and some supports, he can indicate what he wants; his language is improving daily. He does not like loud noises, kids yelling, and vacuums as they bother him. He thrives with structure and consistency. Change is difficult for him.

All of the children benefit from supports in school to help them achieve their goals. They will need strong advocates for their educational needs and play an active role with their education at home as well.

While the children are not currently placed together, the hope is to find an adoptive family where they can all be together.  This sibling group has an older brother. While he does not wish to be adopted at this time and is old enough to provide formal input, he is still closely connected to his siblings. It will be extremely important for all the children to maintain regular contact with this brother.  Additionally, the children have other biological connections that will need to be fostered as appropriate.

Culturally, the children have had exposure to their Hispanic roots and are accustomed to participating in some cultural activities. While all the children were accustomed to Spanish being spoken in the home, Diego is the only one who is able to understand some Spanish. He understands Spanish better than he is able to speak the language. Antonio often expresses an interest in his Hispanic culture. The girls haven’t expressed much interest at this point in learning about their culture but it will be important for the future.

The children would benefit from a tight-knit family who participates in frequent activities together in order to strengthen the bond between family members. They will also benefit from caregivers who are able to provide individualized one on one time with each child. Each of the children will need ongoing assistance as they enter new forever relationships and work through their emotions and a slow transition.

Diego, Antonio, Gabriella, Emma and Jaxson will do best with a family who can provide warm and loving, consistent structure. A family who is interested in parenting a large sibling group with different emotional and behavioral needs will also be beneficial.  Families who desire to provide children with opportunities and encouragement to support them in reaching their full potential and the ability foster sibling relationships will also be important.