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Texas Child

"My name is Mary Kate and I am bubbling over with love to share with my Forever Family!"

Mary Kate is your typical girly girl. She loves make up, clothes, doing her hair, and shopping. Mary Kate is a very friendly girl. She loves to give hugs. She has a very positive and bubbly personality. Her mind is always coming up with new questions to ask, so there is never a dull moment around her. Mary Kate enjoys any kind of music she can dance to, especially hip hop. Mary Kate enjoys listening to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and other pop stars. She enjoys playing video games as well. Scary movies are Mary Kate’s favorite. Her love of the Halloween and Christmas holidays is contagious. While Mary Kate can be quite active in dancing and moving about the home, she is not a big sports fan.

Mary Kate’s forever family will be patient. Mary Kate does have some medical and developmental needs. A family that is knowledgeable in her medical needs, or one who is willing to learn, is preferable. An active family who is involved with school, church, and going on trips would be beneficial for Mary Kate.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.