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Texas Child


Seeking a cheering section at my volleyball games! 

Steffany is a very friendly and talkative girl. She can be quiet at first but opens up quickly once she starts talking. She enjoys school and is on the A & B honor roll with all Pre AP classes. She stays active with extracurricular activities like volleyball, basketball, honors band, student council, and unity club. She is excited about making JV Volleyball team. Steffany wants a family who enjoys family game nights as well as being open to trying new adventures together. It is important to her that the family enjoys spending time together just enjoying each other’s company. She loves lasagna and pizza. She loves to swim, read, and shop. Steffany aspires to be a forensic pathologist when she is older.

Steffany is anxiously awaiting her forever family! The perfect family for Steffany is a traditional family with a mom and a dad. Steffany would like a mom who is comfortable being herself, nurturing, sensitive, and able to stand up for herself. She wants a dad who is kind, caring, funny, and who will not mind her helping with projects around the house. The ideal family for Steffany is a family who enjoys spending time together.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services