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Texas Child

I am a very talkative and nice person who likes to help people.


Jesus is a very animated youth who loves to make people laugh. He likes the outdoors and enjoys going fishing and hiking. Being outdoors gives Jesus lots of space to get his energy out. Jesus loves 18-wheeler trucks, remote control cars, and riding go-karts. He enjoys playing basketball, football, and playing soccer. Jesus is a talkative child. At times, he may get confused and he benefits when things are clearly explained to him. Jesus may need reminders and provided instruction more than once. He responds best with patience, allowing him time to process and understand what he was told. He loves receiving praise. Jesus listens and responds well to redirection and communication, when needed.

Jesus wants an active family. Although he enjoys inside activities, he would like his family to go out on outings. Jesus is interested in a relaxed family who will allow him to have multiple hobbies and participate in them with him. He needs a patient family who will not have difficulty explaining things to him repeatedly when he gets confused. He wants to live in a rural area, as this is where he are most comfortable. Jesus does not have a preference to remain in Texas or move out-of-state.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services