Delanie and  Dallas
Delanie and  Dallas Delanie and  Dallas Delanie and  Dallas
  • Names:
    Delanie and Dallas
  • Ages:
    14 and 9
  • Genders:
    Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


Please keep us together!

Meet Delanie and Dallas two siblings who share a very close relationship with one another despite sometimes being away from each other. Delanie has a deep care for her brother and it is important to her to know that Dallas is taken care of the way he deserves. Dallas is appreciative of his sister but also wants to show off his more independent abilities. Dallas has a great love of the outdoors especially catching fish and frogs! He also loves to play with Legos and is especially fond of his pirate ship. Delanie is the typical teenage girl who loves makeup, music, and art. Right now she is interested in learning new techniques for putting on mascara. Church and faith are very important to Delanie and the quickest way to her heart is through McDonald's chicken nuggets.

I really want to be with my brother.

Delanie is a sweet and caring youth. She has a great love and talent for art and excels when these talents are explored and encouraged by her caregivers. She has a wide interest range, including; photography, drawing, cooking, and magic. She also enjoys the typical interests of a child her age, such as listening to music, talking on the phone, and playing computer games. Delanie has always been the protector and nurturer of her younger brother Dallas and will need assurance that her forever family has the same care and love for Dallas as she does. With this assurance, Delanie will be able to "just be a kid" and achieve her own goals and desires. Honesty is important to Delanie. She is the most at ease when the rules and expectations are clear and concise. Delanie likes school and her most favorite subjects are art and history.

Delanie's family will be patient and understanding. Her forever parents will have a structured system in place with clear rules and expectations and will implement discipline consistently. Delanie's family will be strong and patient while she adjusts to their home, living style, and routine. Her forever parents will allow her a time to protect and nurture Dallas until she trusts that he is safe and loved in their home. A family who encourages furthering education but understands that each child learns differently will be ideal.

I need a fishing buddy!

Dallas is a deep thinker and a reserved youngster. He is soft spoken and prefers to get lost in his thoughts about his day rather than talk about it. When Dallas gets an idea in his head, he is determined to see it through. He has an adventurous spirit and loves to hunt for frogs, turtles, and minnows. Dallas loves to be outside and get dirty! He thoroughly enjoys fishing, camping, swimming, and hiking. While playing indoors, Dallas likes to play video games or play with his Legos and pirate ship. Dallas looks up to his big sister but also prefers to be independent and do things his own way.

Dallas' forever family will be compassionate and empathetic towards his experiences. They will provide a structured environment where he always knows what is going to happen next throughout his day. This will help lower his anxiety about a new home and family. Dallas' father will be a strong role model for him to guide him into adolescence. Dallas' mother will be nurturing, forgiving, and loving. Together, Dallas' parents will be able to show him that life is full of more joy than heartache, it just sometimes takes some searching and trust. Dallas' forever parents will be great advocates in the school setting to ensure that he receives the best educational experience available to him to help him learn and reach his potential.

A family for Delanie and Dallas will be a family who will encourage Delanie to be a kid and let the adults take care of her and Dallas. Her family will teach her to trust that they have Dallas' best interests at heart and show her that they love him and will keep him safe. Delanie and Dallas' forever parents will have patience with Dallas while he exercises his independence and exploration of the rules. Dallas' forever dad will be one who enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing while Delanie's forever mom will enjoy the same activities but also willing to take trips to the mall or to the nail salon. Dallas and Delanie will be the most successful as the two youngest children in the home or in a family who already has adult children who no longer live at home.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services