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Texas Child


"I am full of love, but need someone to give it to."

Delanie is a sweet and caring youth. She has a great love and talent for art, and excels when these talents are explored and encouraged by her caregivers. She has a wide range of interests including, photography, drawing, cooking, and magic. She also enjoys the typical interests of other girls her age, such as listening to music, talking on the phone, and playing computer games. Honesty is very important to Delanie. She is the most at ease when rules and expectations are clear and concise. Delanie likes school and her favorite subjects are art and history. Delanie is looking for forever parents who will nurture and support her maintaining contact with her siblings.

Delanie's family will be patient and understanding. Her forever parents will have a structured system in place with clear rules and expectations, and will implement discipline consistently. Delanie's family will be strong and patient while she adjusts to their home, living style, and routine. Her parents will give her ample time to build trust in them until she feels safe and loved in their home. They will be patient and understanding that Delanie will build trust in her own time. Her forever parents will be nurturing and supportive of helping maintaining contact with her siblings. A family who encourages education, but understands that each child learns differently will be ideal.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services