Bernise, Denise and  Marquis
Bernise, Denise and  Marquis Bernise, Denise and  Marquis Bernise, Denise and  Marquis
  • Names:
    Bernise, Denise and Marquis
  • Ages:
    13, 13 and 10
  • Genders:
    Female, Female and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Child


We are each unique but we all love to swim and do things outside. We just love being active and having fun!

Denise, Bernise, and Marquis see each other daily and are used to being together. They enjoy listening to music and dancing together. Bernise has, in the past taken on the parent role to both Denise and Marquis to ensure their safety. Bernise, Denise, and Marquis are honest and admit that they argue on occasion, like most siblings. Bernise and Denise are twins who have unique interests and opinions. Bernise is more the "girly- girl" and Denise is more sporty. Bernise is loving towards her sister Denise and tries to understand her sister. Sometimes Denise will separate herself from the group when she is upset. Marquis is the jokester younger brother who likes to make his sisters laugh. They all wish to be adopted together. They all love and care for each other and want the best for each other. These siblings have an older and younger brother. These brothers are not part of this adoption. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Bernise, Denise, and Marquis want to be adopted together. They will do well with a family who is active and likes doing things outdoors. These siblings also enjoy having a movie night. Their key is time together as a family. Church is not a big factor with the children, they each vary on their thoughts about religion. It will be important that their adoptive family is flexible on their religious beliefs. A loving and nurturing family with structure will allow the children to thrive.


I am shy but when I get to know people I like talking and being friendly.

Bernise is a "girly girl" who is eager to join her adoptive family. Bernise is full of personality, she is loving and affectionate. She is described by others as talkative and personable. Bernise enjoys being outdoors but also loves to do her makeup and fix her hair. She cares about keeping her area clean and organized and is helpful with chores. Some of her hobbies include: swimming, shopping, coloring, listening to music, and playing basketball. Her favorite classes at school are math, reading, and social studies.

She does best at school with support services. Bernise likes church. Her three wishes are: to be a part of a family, to have an IPhone, and have her siblings adopted with her. The one thing that makes her laugh the most is people telling jokes.

Bernise would love it if her family shared her interest in shopping and outdoor activities. She would like a family who understands that though she and her sister are twins, they have unique interests and personalities. Bernise is most comfortable with the thought of having a mom and a dad.



I am very shy. I like to get along with others and I like being outdoors.

Denise is very active and talented. She loves being with peers her age. She is also a pet lover, especially dogs. Denise prefers outdoor activities such as playing basketball or swimming. She enjoys listening to music and going on long walks. Denise has recently gained interest in skateboarding and has been practicing this sport. Denise is very spontaneous and curious. She recognizes that at times it is hard for her to share her emotions and feelings but she is trying to become better at this. Structure and routine are very important to Denise. She thrives with opportunities to experience and master things, so she feels more secure about her own abilities. 

Her three wishes are: for her adoptive family to have a big home with dogs; to have an I-phone; and for her siblings to be adopted together.

Denise is looking for a family who will be there for her. She will do best with a family who enjoys the outdoors. Denise is looking for a mom and a dad who are patient and willing to invest time in her. Denise will do better with a slower transition in order to build trust with her family.



I am funny and like to make others laugh. I love animals.

Marquis is very animated and silly. He enjoys making others smile and is always ready to tell you a joke. Marquis is outspoken and gets along with other children fairly well. Marquis enjoys watching superhero movies which some of his favorite include Spiderman and Batman. Marquis has an interest in collecting Hot Wheel cars and his collection keeps growing every year. He loves to be able to tell you about each of his cars. Building with Lego's is another one of his hobbies. This year Marquis has gained an interest in drones and airplanes. Marquis enjoys explaining how drones work. Marquis likes being outdoors playing sports and swimming. 

Marquis states that his favorite activity outside is riding bikes. His favorite things at school are recess and reading.

Marquis dreams of joining a family with his two siblings and living in a big house. Marquis will benefit from a family who loves being outdoors and going on energetic outings. He will do well having a younger sibling as he is used to having a younger brother. His younger brother is not part of this adoption and Marquis would still like to be able to maintain contact. The adoptive family who can best meet his needs is one who has taken time to become trained in intervention strategies and has realistic expectations about integrating a sibling group into their family.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services