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Connecticut Child

Meet Luis!

Luis is a curious and comical young man! Although he is shy at first, once he establishes trust in you, he has a great personality and sense of humor. He is resourceful, creative, and extremely polite. Luis takes pride in his personal appearance and maintains good hygiene for such an active teen! He loves riding bikes, playing basketball and football, and is very competitive. He loves to learn the mechanics of things and enjoys building things as well as survival related things. He was in a vocational program where he was one of the best students. Luis also enjoys music and playing video games as well as dancing, running, fishing, bowling, drawing, and watching movies. He loves animals, gardening, doing extra chores, and attending camp and the YMCA. 

Luis would do best in a two parent household that is well-structured and can provide a toolbox of parenting skills to help Luis continue to develop healthy coping skills and feel safe. An older male who can act as a mentor and positive role model would be beneficial for Luis. Families who are knowledgeable in attachment related issues or willing to learn about them, would also be beneficial. Families who are patient with Luis so that he can learn to develop trust in them would be best. Luis has some connections with whom he would like to stay in contact with and families who are willing to help him maintain this contact would also be beneficial for Luis.
Active families who enjoy the outdoors and being involved in community activities would be a great fit for Luis. Families who can embrace Luis' culture and help him learn more and connect with his culture are welcome, including helping him better his Spanish language development. 

Due to strong connections in the area, Connecticut families will be given strong priority.