Mickey and  Harley
Mickey and  Harley Mickey and  Harley Mickey and  Harley Mickey and  Harley Mickey and  Harley
  • Names:
    Mickey and Harley
  • Ages:
    16 and 14
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We need our forever family."

Mickey and Harley are very sweet children who share a very close bond with each other. Like most siblings, they need their time away from each other at times. Mickey is very loving and nurturing towards Harley and will stick up for him whenever it is needed. They enjoy playing and doing any sort of activity outside. They really enjoy riding horses, riding bikes, and playing games together. Mickey and Harley have been through a lot together and are working through these issues. They are both working on their feelings of anger and learning different coping skills to help manage their feelings better. Mickey and Harley are great kids who can be the kindest and most loving boys once you get to know them.


"I'm looking for my forever family."

Mickey is a hard working youth who loves to work on projects; he really likes to earn money from these projects. He's also a country boy who loves to be outside. Mickey enjoys spending time with his brother and shares a close bond with him. Although he struggles with controlling his feelings of anger at times, he has progressed with coping skills over the years. Mickey enjoys the typical teen-boy outdoor activities, such as riding dirt bikes and four-wheelers. He also loves being around horses. Mickey is typically easy to get along with and is a pretty laid back child.

Mickey needs a family that is patient and calm. The perfect fit for him is a family that is able to approach him in a calm matter, but who can be stern at the same time. Mickey will need a lot of patience and an understanding family. He will also need a lot of structure. A family that can keep Mickey busy with projects is ideal. Mickey is not picky on the type of family he gets; he would just like a loving forever home. The ideal family will be able to give him and his brother all the attention possible, so it is preferable that no other children are in the home. Mickey and Harley have been through a lot and are still processing their feelings.


"Will you be my forever family?"

Harley is a very sweet child. He enjoys watching TV and doing all kinds of outside activities. Harley enjoys being around his brother and has a strong bond with him. He is the quieter one of the two and can be hard to understand sometimes. Harley struggles with his feelings of anger at times and benefits from redirection for some of his behaviors. He is currently working on improving in these areas. Harley sometimes requires a little extra help in school and continues to work on his school performance. He is very loving and respectful. Harley also enjoys eating candy and junk food whenever he gets the chance.

Harley needs a family that has a lot of patience and love for him. He needs a family that is structured, but can be relaxed at the same time. He needs a family that will adopt him and his brother together. Harley will do well with a family that has a lot of attention to give. It is preferable that no other children are in the home. Harley is not picky about the family he gets, but he would just like to be in a home with his brother. The ideal family will not give up on Harley and will make it work for both of the children.


Mickey and Harley need a family that will not give up on them. They need a family that is willing to understand where they are coming from and put 100% effort into them. A family that will understand they may have some outbursts or not-so-good days, but will still be there for them at the end of the day. Mickey and Harley need structure and patience. They need a family that is a little relaxed and will enjoy joining in activities with them or working on projects together. The ideal family for Mickey and Harley will be fighters and will not give up if the children push them away initially.


Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services