Jeremy and  David
Jeremy and  David Jeremy and  David Jeremy and  David
  • Names:
    Jeremy and David
  • Ages:
    13 and 11
  • Genders:
    Male and Male
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children

"We need a committed family!"

Jeremy and David interact and play with each other. Jeremy enjoys being independent and going on outings or being outside. He is affectionate and passive. He prefers routine and is not favorable of many changes. David is sweet and loveable. He loves all the attention he can get. He enjoys visitors. Jeremy and David would like to continue their sibling bond and share their extraordinary love with their forever family.

Jeremy is a special child full of energy and love. He may be shy at first, but is warm and loving. He likes to swim, color in coloring books, watch "Bubble Guppies", and dance to music. He also likes making faces in mirrors. He can communicate, but will not do so until he knows you well. Jeremy does best with a regular routine and structure. He is learning to make choices and express himself. He requires supervision at all times, as he does not understand boundaries and safety, at this time. Jeremy utilizes resources and receives assistance in school to help him succeed. He learns at his own pace. Jeremy is a highly active child who is always on the move.

David is a sweet and adorable child. He loves listening to music and watching bright colorful lights. He also enjoys being tickled on the neck and will show this by smiling. David requires assistance to complete his daily living activities and routine care. He communicates best with expressions of his personality, such as smiling. David is an amazing child who has continued to achieve the unachievable.

Jeremy and David will do best with a patient and flexible family willing to provide them with the attention they need. Their family will be committed to adopting them together and help them through the transition. They will thrive with a family who is able to maintain a structured environment and a daily routine. Jeremy and David are ready to find a forever family who will commit to both of them for the rest of their lives.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.