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Jaidyn TX1296

Texas Child

"I love to swim and I have the best laugh!!"

Jaidyn is an active and energetic child. She will keep you moving as she loves being on the go. She loves to run and swing. Jaidyn also loves to listen to music and hums. She is a good eater and loves snack time! Jaidyn is very independent and likes to do things by herself. She has good self-help skills and can complete many tasks with supervision. She has very limited...

Birth Date:01/2005
Axis TX2765

Texas Child

Axis has is a great sense of humor, likes to laugh, and enjoys being outside. He is well mannered, polite, and thoughtful. Axis is working on his behaviors and accepting consequences for his actions. He enjoys participating in are skateboarding, basketball, football, soccer, and video games. Some of Axis favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, and corn dogs. Axis' favorite subject in school is math and he is enjoys solving word problems. Axis...

Birth Date:08/2004
Jose, Martha, Rene, Fernando, Marcos and Manuel CA905
Jose, Martha, Rene, Fernando, Marcos and  Manuel

California Children


Six siblings in need of one forever family. Separated in foster care through no fault of their own, these siblings are close, bonded and have a deep love for one another.

 Jose is the oldest of the kids and definitely is respected and loved by his younger siblings. Calm and patient, Jose hopes to be adopted by a family who can bring him back together as one family unit.


Birth Dates:05/2007 05/2009 05/2010 05/2013 05/2014 05/2015

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