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Cheyana MO1595

Missouri Child

Cheyana likes to express her creative side through her hair and make-up. She has a great imagination and is outspoken and articulate.   Like any typical 17-year-old, she prefers to spend time with her friends or on a cell phone or tablet.  Other than the social aspects, school is not Cheyana’s favorite place, although she worked hard during her junior year to maintain her grades. She will be a senior this fall...

Birth Date:05/2002
JaViera TX15427

Texas Child


 "I love to play basketball and football. I really like to joke around and make people laugh. Family is very important to me."

Ja’Viera is an outgoing and talkative youth who likes to joke around and entertain those around him. Ja’Viera likes Mexican food and seafood. A few of the activities Ja’Viera enjoys include playing basketball, riding his bike, and fishing. Ja’Viera...

Birth Date:01/2006
Desmond TX15545

Texas Child


"I am really a nice person and very helpful too."

Desmond is an extremely polite boy. He is eager to please those around him. He loves to play any kind of games and absolutely loves football. Desmond’s favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the TCU Horned Frogs. Desmond played on a football team previously where he was a safety and an inside receiver. He is eager to play football again and...

Birth Date:03/2004
Talixa TX15595

Texas Child



"I want a family to call my own who will love me and take care of me regardless of the circumstances." 

Talixa is a very strong, resilient teenager. She has kept her head held high and is working to prepare herself for her future forever family. Talixa loves to be involved in all kinds of activities and staying busy. Keeping herself busy is always easy to do. She has a kind...

Birth Date:04/2003
Giana NJ928

New Jersey Child


Giana is a reader!  Books provide a wonderful source of enjoyment for her.  She can get lost in the stories authors weave following the twists and turns.  Some of her favorite books involve stories about cats.  While she loves the feel of a book,  she also enjoys spending time with all the wonderful things technology offers.  She has an IPAD where she enjoys accessing and playing games.  Her...

Birth Date:04/2008
Anastasia TX15658

Texas Child


"I am smart, funny, and love attention!"

Anastasia, who prefers to be called Ana, is a quick witted young girl with stars in her eyes. She gains knowledge from the world around her. Ana loves social media and shopping. She enjoys being around kids her own age in smaller groups. Ana will spend hours reading when she finds time. She can also spend hours talking about the things she wants to see and do in...

Birth Date:05/2003

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