Family Matching Event Online Family Matching Event December 19th, 2019

Theodore and Carolyn
While we both grew up in Southern California, we discovered that it was a shared dream to move out of state and embark on a new adventure. Our goal was to establish roots in the Pacific Northwest and start a family. Approximately 7 years ago, we chased our dream and moved to Oregon! We have been so enchanted by the natural beauty that this beautiful state offers. We enjoy taking local trips, such as visiting the Oregon Coast, the Columbia Gorge and Mt. Hood. We feel so fortunate to live just outside of...
Wayne and KariLee
Hello from the Dancer Family: Wayne, KariLee, and Micah. We are so excited to adopt and add to our family. We are seeking a girl younger than our son who was born July 22, 2012 or older than him. We don't want them in the same grade in school. Micah had entered second grade. Right now we are seeking just one child of any race or ethnicity. We have a very diverse extended family with children adopted from Russia, China, and Uganda. Keeping our adopted child in touch with her foster and adoptive...
Liliana and Greg
We would like to adopt a boy between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Given our the different ethnicities that our family is made off, we prefer to adopt a child of Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian ethnic background. Given that we have a one year old grand-baby and that I work with vulnerable children, we cannot accept a child who acts out sexually or with a history of animal cruelty (we rescue dogs and cats). Our names are Liliana and Greg Sletmoen. I am currently 54 years old and husband is 50 years...

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