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Christopher MI1122

Michigan Child

Christopher is a happy, energetic and affectionate boy. He loves one-on-one attention and will often greet the people he knows with a hug.  Chris likes to spend time outdoors riding his bike, playing basketball, or going to camp.  Indoors he likes to watch all different types of cartoons, listen to rap, watch wrestling, or play video games. Christopher is a very humorous boy and likes to laugh and joke around. He has a determined...

Birth Date:12/2003
Dylan MI1532

Michigan Child


Don’t get Dylan started. On second thought, go ahead and get him started since he’s very shy around strangers. Even though he’s a boy of few words, his foster parent uses plenty to describe Dylan, including silly, fun, very sweet and always happy. Dylan is an energetic and busy boy who loves being outside and playing with cars. “Dylan is imaginative and playful,” says his foster parent. He loves...

Birth Date:06/2004
Jayden MI1605

Michigan Child

Jayden loves the outdoors, especially when he finds some bugs to play with. Playing basketball is another favorite activity whether it’s indoors or out. Jayden loves shooting hoops after school and enjoys participating in organized ball as much as possible. Jayden also loves coloring, drawing pictures and reading. He loves animals so much that he dreams of having some when he finds his future forever family. “Jayden would like...

Birth Date:03/2010
Xzavier PA1170

Pennsylvania Child
Meet Xzavier! A friendly, helpful young boy who is eager to find his forever family. Xzavier loves to be active and play outside, especially basketball. He is competitive in nature but also has a good attitude when admitting defeat. He has a great imagination and a great sense of humor. Xzavier loves pets and is fantastic with all animals. He says his favorite are dogs and horses. He is said to be insightful, articulate and loves individual attention.Birth Date:06/2007

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