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A Family For Every Child
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For further information, please call 877-343-2856 or email matching@afamilyforeverychild.org
christy and matthew
christy and matthew

christy and matthew

Basic Info


Age: 45
Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Religion: None


Age: 49
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: None

Child Preferences

Age: Infant to 8 years old
Sex: Either
Max Number of Children: 2
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander

Special Needs the Family is Open To: Moderate Physical/Medical Disability (Open to Discussion), Animal Allergies, Asthma, Drug Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Food Allergies, Defiant, Difficulty in Attaching, Difficulty Making Friends, Lying, Manipulative, Poor Social Skills, Stealing, Wets the Bed, Drug Addicted at Birth, Prenatal Drug Exposure, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physically Disabled-Mild, Speech Delays - Mild, Vision Impaired, Academically behind due to poor attendance, Cognitive Delay - Mild, Expulsion(s), Has Behavior Problems in School, Mild Learning Disabilities, Moderate Learning Disabilities, Speech or Language Impairment, Suspension(s), One/Both Parents Diagnosed with Depression, One/Both Parents Have Alcohol Addiction, One/Both Parents Have Drug Addiction, One/Both Parents Diagnosed with Bipolar, Exposed to Domestic Violence, One/Both Parents Have Had a Mental Diagnosis, Child in Residential Treatment, Child has had a disrupted adoption, Multiple Placements, Residential Treatment History, ADHD, Arthritis, Diabetes, Adjustment Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Requires Counseling/Therapy, Willing to Maintain Contact via Mail with Bio Family, Willing to Maintain Contact with Past Foster Parents, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Grandparents & Other Relatives, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Siblings, Child Identifies as LGBT


State: Oregon
Neighborhood: City/Urban
Years Together: 24
Children in the Home: 0
Pet(s): Cat(s)



Occupation: Sr. Administrative Assistant


Occupation: Artist

Adoption Agency

Agency: A Family For Every Child
Worker: Staci Super
Worker: staci@afamilyforeverychild.org
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Zip: 97402

Family Description

Chris and Matthew have been together for 24 years, married for 18. We are currently a family of 2 with a big black cat, we are hoping to become a family of 4 with a big black cat. We are an active family who enjoy being outdoors, cooking and eating dinner as a family, Crossfit and other physically activities. We love to travel and have friends and family all over the world. We look forward to sharing our lives, loves and adventures with our new kids.

Preference Description

Looking to adopt a sibling set of 2. Age, infant to 8. We are willing to accept minor/moderate correctable conditions, a child with special needs such as PTSD, learning or development delays but not willing to accept medically fragile conditions.

The Zapata-Mattison Family

We would like to adopt children who are less than 8 years old. We are open to boys or girls. We feel we can accommodate a sibling group of up to 2 kids. We'd like to adopt children of any ethnic background. We are open to children with mild to moderate special needs.

Who we are

Hello. We are Christy (Chris) Zapata Mattison and Matthew Mattison. Chris is 43 years old. Matthew is currently 47 years old. We don't have any children but we do have a big black cat named St. Francis who loves to take naps. He's quite cuddly.

Chris works full-time for Nike as a Sr. Administrative Assistant. Matthew works full-time as an artist / motorcycle builder.

Both of us are into being outdoors whether it's hiking, motorcycle riding or doing crossfit. We are avid travelers and England is practically our second home.

We met in Hawaii and have been together for 24 years. After loads of traveling we settled in Portland, and we've been here for 20 years now. It's where we call home.

Home and Community

We have a beautiful ranch style home in NE Portland. We've lived in our neighborhood for less than a year. So its still pretty new to us. But so far the neighborhood is fantastic. Extremely welcoming and friendly. Lots of kids and families running around. A proper neighborhood. We're excited to explore this neighborhood and other fun places with our kiddos. We specifically purchased our home because of the fantastic family layout that it has. It's perfect for running around kids.

Family life

Although we currently don't have any kids of our own, we are blessed with lots of kids in our lives. We've got tons of nieces and nephews that we are very close to. We also have our goddaughter named Sophia who we get to see quite regularly. We also have a wonderful godson named Marley who lives in England. Who we try to visit often.

Holidays and birthdays are always a wonderful time with lots of friends and family. Kids everywhere. We can't wait to share our wonderful life with our kids.


We are lucky to have family and friends so close by. They are over the moon happy for us to grow our home. We have Chris's cousins, who are like sisters , in Kirkland Washington. ROAD TRIP. Our family is scattered in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and the United Kingdom. We are fortunate to live in a neighbor that has two daycares and our next-door neighbor became foster certified the same time we did. We provide back up care for her and she will do the same for us. We have several friends that have fostered to adopt and have offered support.

We are looking into different school options based on the needs of our kids.

We have identified other resources to help our kids transition into our home. Kinship House, whom will partner with, addresses the missing piece in services provided to most children touched by foster care and adoption. In addition, their work helps minimize transitions and increases the chances of children settling into a stable, healthy and permanent home. We plan to participate in therapy, support groups or any additional services that will benefit our Kids.

Motivation to Adopt

We wanted to grow our family but we were are unable to have biological kids. Chris kept hearing an ad on the radio about foster kids and started researching. Adoption was something we had always said if for any reason we are unable to have biological kids we can adopt. As we learned more about the adoption process through the foster system and the kids that need good homes, we knew that this was the right path for us to grow and find our forever family.