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A Family For Every Child
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For further information, please call 877-343-2856 or email matching@afamilyforeverychild.org
Nick and Joy
Nick and Joy

Nick and Joy

Basic Info


Age: 39
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Christian


Age: 38
Sex: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian
Religion: Christian

Child Preferences

Age: Infant to 21 years old
Sex: Either
Max Number of Children: 4
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander

Special Needs the Family is Open To: Severe Physical/Medical Disability (Open to Discussion), Animal Allergies, Asthma, Drug Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Food Allergies, Gastric Tube, Requires Life-long Medical Treatment, Requires Life-long Supervision, Tracheotomy, Non-Ambulatory, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physically Disabled-Mild, Physically Disabled-Severe, Blind, Deaf, Hearing Impaired, Mental Retardation - Mild, Mental Retardation - Moderate, Mental Retardation - Severe, Speech Delays - Mild, Speech Delays - Moderate, Speech Delays - Severe, Vision Impaired, Cognitive Delay - Mild, Cognitive Delay - Severe, Moderate Learning Disabilities, Severe Learning Disabilities, Speech or Language Impairment, Limited Life Expectancy Due to Illness, Arthritis, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Heart Disorder: May Require Surgery, Hemophilia, Missing Limbs: May Require Prosthesis, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizures, Sickle Cell Disease, Sickle Cell Traits, Spinal Bifida, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Requires Counseling/Therapy, Willing to Maintain Contact via Mail with Bio Family, Willing to Maintain Contact with Past Foster Parents, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Grandparents & Other Relatives, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Siblings


State: Oregon
Neighborhood: Suburban
Years Together: 8
Children in the Home: 4
Pet(s): Dog(s)



Occupation: Physician


Occupation: Retired Nurse

Adoption Agency

Agency: A Family For Every Child
Worker: Connie Williams
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Zip: 97402

Family Description

We are a family oriented, loving and intentional family that enjoys playing outside on our property and going on vacations together. We have four children that are all uniquely different with their hobbies, interests and personalities. Our goal is to value and encourage those differences while also enjoying the family time together that enriches our relationships. We are hoping to adopt a child or sibling group that would love the idea of having several siblings and many opportunities. As a stay at home mom I have the flexibility to cater to the different needs, appointments and hobbies of our children. Nick is a physician and involved in the community. He has many opportunities to take us to college sporting events and performances in the arts. Although we love all that our town has to offer and the many sports our children have been able to try we also crave our time together at home. A child that is shy would find calm in our home and be able to get used to our family at their speed. A more active and outgoing child will find enjoyment in the many choices of schools in our community and the after school programs and summer camps that are available. As a family we are all different individuals with very unique personalities. We believe that our experience helps us enjoy the value in each child and love them independently.

Preference Description

We are looking to adopt a child or sibling group or any ethnic background.

Our Family

We are a Christian family with four children. We are hoping to add to our family a child or sibling set that would be excited about several siblings to play with and parents that love to engage with them. We are open to any race and ethnicity. As a multiracial family we feel that it is important to honor a child's heritage and actively pursue chances in our community that can help define their identity. The last couple years we have been a foster family to several children and our involvement in their lives has solidified our belief that continued contact with a child's biological family and other loved ones - when safe and healthy- is imperative to the child's emotional well being.

Child Preferences

We value family time and make an effort to schedule vacations together and play time on the weekends. Our children love being involved in different extracurricular activities, sports, and going to university ball games. As a stay at home mom, Joy has the enjoyment of taking her kids to various activities as well as spending time at home with them when they are not in school. A child that loves to play outside would thoroughly enjoy our large yard, basketball hoop and bonus area. When indoors we often enjoy popcorn movie nights and playing card games together. Although we love our time together we also recognize the need to sometimes have some quiet space and each of us can find a reading corner or pile of pillows to take some respite in. We are very open to adopting a child with Down syndrome or other special needs. We feel that our medical training and connections equips us for a child's physical needs and have seen the compassion and love our children have for others and know they would be a strength to the mental growth of a child.

Home and Community

We live right outside city limits of a Pacific Northwest city. We are within a 15 minutes drive of schools, malls, parks and playgrounds. A very young child would be at home with Joy. Once they are old enough our children have enjoyed attending the reputable Montessori preschool and then gone on to our neighborhood charter or private schools. The elementary schools all have access to sports programs as well as specialized education and tutoring. Charter programs and a variety of public schools are available as well. As a University town there are many cultural and liberal arts activities as well as leading research and availability of therapists and medical care.

Parenting Experience

We love being the parents of four children. Each of our children have different personalities and hearts. This has taught us to be flexible in our parenting and intentionally appeal to each child's nature. We actively try to better our skills with the knowledge of books (i.e. The Connected Child and Whole Brain Child) written by today's reputable child psychologists. We have also become a part of our community's child services program. As a foster home we have had different children stay in our home for extended periods of time. This experience has helped us understand the reality of parenting other children who have potentially faced loss, neglect or abuse as well as get an idea for how our biological children interact with each new child. We have been encouraged by how our family has adjusted to these situations and feel that as a whole we are ready and excited to welcome another child or sibling set into our family. Every Child also conducts monthly trainings that Nick and Joy attend with topics on understanding attachment, trauma, play therapy, TBRI and other topics related to foster care.


We have a wonderful support system around our family. Joy's parents live in the same town and enjoy being a part of their grandchildren's lives. They often help take the kids to their after school activities, do special outings to ice cream or the pizza parlor, and celebrate holidays and birthdays. We will often vacation together with extended family. Her parents are supportive of Nick and Joy's desire to adopt. We have an amazing group of friends through our church that are also part of the Every Child program. These friends have gone through respite training and are a good support system to Nick and Joy. One of these friend's is Joy's walking partner and is a family psychologist who continues to provide wisdom and insight to her. Our church has a diverse group of members and a strong involvement with the university. The children's pastor and associate pastor are of non Caucasian race. There are many university students at our church or various races who would be mature mentors and role models for any child of another race. We value the schools that are children are students at. Beyond academics the staff place high priority on developing character and being approachable to their students. The faculty does a great job at being strong role models to their many students.

Motivation to Adopt

We believe that we have the resources and love to add more children to our family. Each child is a unique and special creation of God. We understand that a child we adopt will have many challenges to overcome but our hope is that they will know that whatever challenge comes along that we will tackle it together. We want the child to know that they will always be loved and supported. As a large family with several kids we understand that it will take a special child or sibling set to be excited about our family. And that is what we want. Someone who can picture large Christmas dinners, big birthday parties and even into adulthood whenever they need a familiar voice to call that there will be Nick, Joy and their several siblings. It is important that a child or children interested in our family know that we will give them the same individual attention that we have done for our biological children and will seek out opportunities for them to pursue the things in life that excite them.