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For further information, please call 877-343-2856 or email matching@afamilyforeverychild.org
Christopher and Harry
Christopher and Harry

Christopher and Harry

Basic Info


Age: 35
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic
Religion: None


Age: 31
Sex: Male
Race/Ethnicity: African American
Religion: None

Child Preferences

Age: Infant to 12 years old
Sex: Either
Max Number of Children: 3
Race/Ethnicity: African American, Asian, Native American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Mixed, Bi-Racial, Unknown

Special Needs the Family is Open To: Any Child, Asthma, Drug Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Food Allergies, Defiant, Difficulty in Attaching, Difficulty Making Friends, Lying, Poor Social Skills, Self-Abuse, Stealing, Wets the Bed, Born with HIV issues or HIV Positive, Failure to Thrive, Prenatal Drug Exposure, Tracheotomy, Hearing Impaired, Speech Delays - Mild, Vision Impaired, Overeating, Academically behind due to poor attendance, Cognitive Delay - Mild, Expulsion(s), Has Behavior Problems in School, Mild Learning Disabilities, Speech or Language Impairment, Suspension(s), One/Both Parents Have Alcohol Addiction, One/Both Parents Have Drug Addiction, Exposed to Domestic Violence, Child has had a disrupted adoption, Multiple Placements, ADHD, Diabetes, HIV, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Requires Counseling/Therapy, Willing to Maintain Contact via Mail with Bio Family, Willing to Maintain Contact with Past Foster Parents, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Grandparents & Other Relatives, Willing to Maintain Contact with Bio Siblings, Child Identifies as LGBT, History of Sexually Acting Out, Sexually Abused in the Past


State: Oregon
Neighborhood: Suburban
Years Together: 5
Children in the Home: 0
Pet(s): Dog(s), fish



Occupation: HR Site Manager


Occupation: Legal Assistant Supervisor

Adoption Agency

Agency: A Family For Every Child
Worker: Brittany Bucholz
Worker: b.bucholz@afamilyforeverychild.org
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Zip: 97402

Family Description

Chris was born and raised in California and moved to Oregon, where he met his husband, Harry. Chris' mother is from New York originally and moved as a child to California. Harry was born in Haiti and raised in Florida and New York. He came to Oregon to continue his legal career. We met in Oregon 5 years ago and have been together since. We are both financially secure and ready to build a family.

Preference Description

We are open but would like give a home to a child that looks to be a part of our genetic background

The Perez-Metellus Family Profile

We are open to all children, including siblings. Chris is Hispanic, of Mexican/Puerto Rican descent, and Harry is Black, of Haitian descent. We believe we would be a great match for children who are a mixture of our ethnic backgrounds. We think that it is crucial to provide the child/children with as much stability as possible. To that end, we are hoping to maintain contact with previous resource parents and birth family if possible. We understand the importance of knowing one's background and celebrating it and believe this is one of many ways of ensuring the child knows theirs.

Who we are

Hi! Thank you for coming to our profile! We are Chris and Harry Perez-Metellus. We have been together for five years, and married for four, though sometimes it feels more like thirty. Our family currently consists of ourselves and our two super sweet dogs Harlem and Ellis. We are easy going and loving, and we are looking to grow our family and find our forever children.

As a family, we enjoy spending time together, road trips, hiking, visiting wildlife sanctuaries and exploring new places. On an average day, you can find us relaxing on the couch, going out for a walk or enjoying our backyard. On the weekends, you will most likely find us at home, on a short drive somewhere or spending time with friends. We understand the importance of self-care and ensure we give each other time for that important task.

Chris also enjoys designing, watching movies, spa days, listening to music, reading and enjoying nature. Harry also enjoys volleyball, dancing, listening to music and singing, woodworking, reading and computer games.

Two yearly ongoing family traditions we've established thus far are weekend cabin getaways for Chris' birthday and our anniversary. We also make it a point to attend cultural events in our area when they take place. We are excited to create new traditions within our family as it grows.

Our Casa and Community

Oregon is where we call home. More specifically though, we live in Beaverton, just outside of Portland. We own a 2-story, 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath single family home, with a fenced in backyard and front yard. The kitchen and living room offer an open layout where we spend most of our time. Right outside the sliding door, there is an enclosed deck that opens to the backyard. Once in the backyard, we have a selection of bamboo and maple trees and flowers lining up the fences, as well as a fire pit that we enjoy during the evening. We also have a large fenced in front yard with a seating area, and flower bed on the side of the house.

We live on a private street and are fortunate to have respectful and friendly neighbors. There is a neighborhood park located about a block away from our house where children play on the playground, basketball court and an open field. Several shopping centers and restaurants are also within walking distance. The elementary, middle and high schools are all within an 8-minute drive from our house.

Parenting Experience

Chris used to work as a behavioral therapist for children and adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral needs. He worked with children ranging from 3 years to about 14 years old. He helped them with everyday tasks, motor skills, cognitive skills, emotion management, social interactions and finding ways to self-regulate. Chris also helped take care of and raise his niece from the time she was born up until she was 6, before her mom moved to a different state. Now, Chris and his niece still maintain their relationship and talk often.

Harry once worked at a daycare for pre-school children. After that, he went on to obtain a Bachelors degree in psychology, taking courses such as, among others, childhood development, trauma and attachment styles. This, along with his work experience of training others, have helped Harry develop different ways of meeting others, including children, where they are. He also helped take care of and raise his nephew for the first 2 years of his life. Now, Harry maintains a relationship with his nephew and they talk weekly.

We have also read a handful of books and taken several training courses during this adoption process including, but not limited to, The Connected Child, Twenty Things Adopted Kids wish their Adoptive Parents knew, Trauma-Informed Parenting, Parenting Children who were substance abused, anger outbursts, non-compliance, parent-child attachment and others.


We have a very close, tightknit family that consists of blood relatives and family members that we have made along the way. Everyone is excited to be a part of our journey in growing our family. They have expressed their desire to not only be emotional supports for us as parents, but also act as advocates for our future children. A handful of friends have already inquired on what classes they may need to take to provide respite care should we need it.

Our family and friends also have a variety of shared interests that they are looking forward to sharing with our kids, such as hiking, themed nights (i.e. crafts, movies), and, for our friends with kids, birthday parties and group sports.

Motivation to Adopt

Growing up, we never thought we'd have everything we have now. We don't take that for granted. We made a commitment to choose each other, through love, patience and understanding. We approach growing our family with that same conviction: whichever children we are matched with will be ours for life no matter what needs they develop. We acknowledge that there will be challenges, but we also know that we will find a way to overcome them, as a family unit.