Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny
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    African American
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Texas Child


My name is Destiny and I like to listen to music.


Destiny enjoys participating and assisting with arts and crafts. She is interested in dance, track, and learning how to swim. Destiny likes to assist in any way possible. She does better at completing one task at a time and does not do well with multitasking. Destiny can be shy when meeting new people but she is friendly. Destiny has some difficulty expressing herself when frustrated. She can be very assertive and direct. Destiny loves having one on one attention. She does best when caregivers are patient with her when she becomes upset. When Destiny is upset, it is best to let her cool down in her room alone.

Destiny will best benefit from a two parent or single mother home. Destiny has expressed that she would like to have female siblings close to her age so she can have someone to talk to. Destiny also asked to have an active family. She enjoys being active and learning and experiencing new things.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services