Eugene Eugene Eugene
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Texas Child


"I love all sports; basketball and soccer are my favorite sports. I would like to be adopted by a family who looks like me, makes me feel safe and loved."

Eugene is a sensitive, friendly, and outgoing boy who is very active. He is known for his sincerity and beautiful smile. Eugene enjoys learning new things and has done well in academically.  Eugene is very active; he loves sports and is very good at basketball and soccer. He also likes to be outdoors, running playing or riding his bike. Eugene is making positive choices and enjoys structure at times. Eugene loves to dream of the day that he can play many sports.

Eugene needs an experienced two parent family who enjoys watching children learn and grow. He needs a family who will offer him plenty of love and patience. Eugene will benefit from a family that can provide positive ways to manage his actions. This family needs to be dedicated to seeing Eugene reach his full potential while continuing to meet all of his needs. Eugene wishes for a family who enjoys indoor and outdoor activities to keep him active.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.