Fatoumata and  Zaidy
Fatoumata and  Zaidy Fatoumata and  Zaidy Fatoumata and  Zaidy
  • Names:
    Fatoumata and Zaidy
  • Ages:
    16 and 15
  • Genders:
    Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
    African American
  • Bulletin#

New York Children

Fatoumata is a sweet girl who enjoys learning new things. She is polite and loves to interact with other children and be included in activities. Fatoumata also has a passion for arts and crafts activities. She is a talented singer and recently started learning how to play the guitar. She does not like spiders or bugs.

Fatoumata attends a specialized school. She is very bonded with her teachers and supportive staff and continues to work on learning how to verbalize her emotions. She wants to please the people in her life. She benefits from unconditional love, support and positive reinforcement. She needs to establish strong, stable relationships with an adult who will provide her with a loving and nurturing environment.

Zaidy is a very caring and polite boy. He enjoys creative activities like building legos and playing with transformers. He also enjoys participating in family activities like game nights or going to places in the community such as parks or museums.

He is fully engaged in school and bonded with his teachers and classmates. He receives services in school that support his learning needs, and continues to progress academically.

Fatoumata and Zaidy are very bonded to each other.  Like many siblings, they may disagree at times, yet are often found playing games together or spending time in each other’s rooms.  They enjoy watching TV together and engaging in family activities in common spaces.

Loving and patient families who are able to provide rules, structure and consistent follow through would be a great fit for Zaidy.  Families who are able to see and nurture great potential would be of special benefit for Fatoumata.  These children seek a loving family who can help them find the stability they need to reach their full potential.