Serenity Serenity Serenity
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Texas Child

"I love playing with dogs and doing outdoor activities. I like playing sports, riding bikes, and singing along to county songs."

Serenity is very artistic. She is able to express herself and feelings through art. Serenity needs to work on learning to verbally express herself, when upset or redirected. She can be shy when meeting new people, but she tends to become more talkative, once she gets to know people better. She can be very sweet and helpful around the house. She loves dogs, and is quick to add, she only likes "big dogs" and would like to work with animals when she grows up. Serenity describes herself as an "outdoors person". She loves being outside and engaging in various activities such as bike riding, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and skating. Serenity also enjoys dancing, listening to music and singing. She participates in the choir at church where she attends with her foster family. Serenity likes school and is a good student. She receives encouragement to continue to work on focusing her attention on her teachers and lessons, rather than other students around her that can cause distractions at times. Serenity needs prompting to complete homework before going outside to play or engage in other activities.

Serenity will do best with adoptive parents who have structure in their home, but are also nurturing and able to give her the attention she seeks from the adults in her life. Serenity is primarily responsive to redirection and does best when given opportunities to provide input on activities, rewards, and consequences that affect her. A family who is active and participates in various outdoor activities will be a good fit for Serenity. She enjoys family outings including church, movies, restaurants, skating, theme parks and shopping. Serenity wants an active family who is loving and caring.

Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.